Today is Halloween!

Here is some mood setting “door music.” (In case you need some and don’t haven any!)

Tiny bit of history.

To get spooky, here is a list of the “Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Villains.”

If scary isn’t your thing, here are the “Top 10 Family Friendly Halloween Movies.”

To round it all out here is a video of “7 Halloween Traditions from Around the World.”

Lastly if you are going out or staying in remember to be safe, and responsible. The last thing anyone wants on a fun holiday is something bad to happen, use your heads! 😀



9 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Boo)”

  1. Very interesting. I did actually know most (not all) of the history of Halloween. I probably watched it at some point on the History Channel. I heard a few years ago that Halloween has surpassed Christmas in terms of what is spent to celebrate it.

    Also, I have a confession. When I was a baby, I was TERRIFIED of marshmellows! My Mom tried feeding me all different sorts of them to no avail. She said I would even start screaming if she went down an aisle in a grocery store that had marshmellows! No one understood my aversion to them (and I’m still not sure they can be trusted), until Ghost Busters came out. What can I say? I was just ahead of my time!

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