Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Here again early Friday morning, for another coffee talk. I must quickly say that I almost forgot, since the new season of Stranger things is out on Netflix! Eeeekkk 😀 😀

Lets talk Halloween! This is the weekend before the holiday, and we have very little plans, since we have all been a bit ill. We were invited to a family friendly party but we cannot go.

Our house is decked out with lights, cobwebs, witches brooms and the rest. We have our candy ready, about 400 pieces, and all we need now are tick or treaters. This is our first Halloween in the new house and we are excited to build up a relationship with the neighborhood a bit.

What are your Halloween traditions? Do you go get candy? Do you stay home or go out? Heck do you do anything?!? Some people may not like this holiday, if so let me know!

I’m a fan of this holiday and I like its dark nature haha.

Lets talk!



7 thoughts on “Coffee Talk!”

  1. Well since you asked, I don’t do Halloween. I don’t look down on people who do but I got convicted about it several years ago. For most people it’s just an excuse for a party and to get treats. I don’t object to any of that, it’s just that that “dark side” is connected to some real dark stuff. I don’t like the idea of intentionally putting evil images in the minds of children.

    Before I got convicted about the holiday though my kids (now grown) did go trick or treating but they were never allowed to be anything scary. They also participated in a “Halloween parade” at school which amounted to wearing a costume, marching single file around the field outside, and going back to the classroom for candy. That was about the extent of our celebrating.

    Many people now do alternatives to Halloween. The Fall Festivals still involve parties and candy.

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    1. That is very understandable. It seems most times you dig far enough to find the original meaning of most things there is a darker past. Like most holidays now they are reasons to go out with friends and party.

      I feel like there is definitely pressure from the community and the children themselves to do what all the others are doing. That mentality makes it hard to stick to other belief systems. If it were up to me there are a few holidays I wouln’t participate in.

      We have fall festivals and they are a really nice time. I am glad that there are alternatives as well! Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Sounds like you will have a fun Halloween! Its a fun time isn’t it, I do like Halloween, don’t do anything that major, but I like to have a scary movie marathon on Halloween if I can. That’s always fun. Can’t wait to binge Stranger Things season 2 as well 🙂

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