Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to coffee talk. I remembered to do this again haha. I was sitting here sipping my coffee and it hit me that it was also Friday! So while you all wake up, check your blogs, and sip your coffee or tea we can talk.

I have been trying to figure out what this segment should be, and I think I have somewhat figured it out. I’d like to put myself in the situation that I was at a coffee shop with a friend. From there what would we potentially talk about?

Today I’m thinking Netflix. While we have our coffee in front of us, lets talk about our favorite shows. I am currently watching Cleverman, it is Australian based, and it pretty weird. It isn’t scary weird just a bit weird. It is about “Hairy People” and “Normal People” As if that wasn’t enough, the main character is the Cleverman, he can access the past and future. I have been working my way through the 14 seasons of NCIS as well, that is a loooooong haul! Some of my favorites have been Stranger Things, Atypical, Black Mirror, Dark Matter, The Office, gah there are so many!

What have you all been watching? Do you even watch Netflix? Maybe you have Hulu, or Fire TV through Amazon, maybe? Maybe? haha. Let me know!

My wife and I are shooting a wedding tomorrow so we will be getting the cameras and drone out today after work! Very Excited!

Hit me up with some comments, and I’ll be back Monday with a weekend update. 😀 😀



11 thoughts on “Coffee Talk!”

  1. Well, we don’t watch TV so I use none of the options above. However, we do watch DVDs from the library. Lately I’ve been watching Cities of the Underworld which is fascinating! You would like it too. There’s a lot of stuff about Freemasonry in it.

    The Mister has been watching Mission Impossible–the old TV series.

    The wedding shoot sounds fun.

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  2. I love The Office! We don’t have a TV so we just get stuff from the library and the DVDs take so long to come in we’re only on Season 8. my mom and I are also start Suits and I’m trying to convince her to watch Parks and Recreation. My mom prefers dramas and I prefer comedy so there’s always a debate about what we watch next 😆

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