Productive Work Day!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was a fun day at the office. For real, this isn’t even a joke! there are seldom things that pop up that require our attention, at least like this. We have been working on setting up a wireless signal from our main building to the one across the street.  We had tried getting a couple of access points and bridging them, but the signal was weak due to the other wireless activity in the area. We needed something more! What is more you ask? Good question. We went to a company called Ubiquiti and purchased something called airFiber. It basically blasts a signal in the line of sight of the receiver and is super powerful.

We had to get up on the roof to mount that bad boy. Here was my view!


Here is a shot of a the other couple of guys helping out with everything.


And finally the finished product!


This bad boy will give us way more than we need haha.

I was also tasked with helping to find a solution to an Excel VBA code issue. We had to figure out how to make a button pop up a text box display with switch configuration. Great news! I did it, I love being able to start and finish a project so quickly. I’m no coder, but I can muttle my way through when I have to haha.

We too a nice walk after work and finished our evening with a small dinner.

This morning we had to change things up. My baby boy is spending the day with my mother. Our babysitter had to go for some medical testing so she couldn’t watch him. This is the first real time she will be watching him, so she is excited. We’ll see how it goes, she didn’t kill me so it should be ok haha.

that is all for me today I hope to see you all back again tomorrow for coffee talk. Maybe I’ll try a different topic each Friday, I don’t know yet. 😀 😀


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