Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Since I’m getting out of here early today I figured I’d try a nice early morning “Coffee Talk” post. In my head it should be subject specific, but I’m not really finished on that thought. In my head I see it as something that could be a permanent installment, if I could ever finish the thought haha. Maybe it could be like a Friday morning motivations kind of thing? who knows.

Today Weill be a jumble and a mix to see what feels more right. I suppose I’ll fill you in on my coffee preference. I like my coffee black, in most cases. If it is terrible coffee in general a little creamer is nice. I tend to stay away from all the fancy creamer and sugars, since it is bad enough that I am addicted to coffee in the first place. How you you like your coffee/tea?

Fresh, new positive attitude
If you’ve recently had a difficult day, congratulations. Now you’re stronger because of it, more capable, more experienced.
Now you can transform what was a negative experience into positive energy. Now you can be more focused, motivated, determined.
Sure, you could choose to feel angry, resentful or sad about the difficulties you’ve been through. But your negativity won’t change what happened, and won’t do you any good now.
Instead, you can decide now to be thankful you made it through. You can look at life with a renewed sense of purpose.
Don’t prolong the difficulties by continuing to lament them. Choose to quickly get over them and get on with living your life in more enjoyable, fulfilling ways.
Reward yourself today with a fresh, new positive attitude. You’ve got great things to do.
— Ralph Marston

How’s that for motivation? Pretty darn good if you ask me! Follow the link to the site if you crave more.

I’ll see you all again on Monday for a weekend recap. 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk!”

      1. I have tried it off and on through the years but I just can’t stand the taste of any coffee. I’ve had people say “you can’t even taste the coffee” in this…Um…yes I can! LOL


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