3rd Degree, Well Conferred!

Hey Everyone!

Last night we had a great 3rd degree. Of course it is the longest one and generally the hardest one to confer. I was wondering if any of the NY brothers would show up, and a few did. Four of them showed up to watch how we do it in PA. There were impressed, it is much different than how they do it but just as good. Other than that we had a good showing of other brothers. It isn’t everyday you raise a person to the Master Mason level. After the degree work we had coffee, cake, and ice cream.

When I got home it was pretty late. My wife had spent the night baking some cookies and watching the little one. It was a nice night to stay in and watch a movie but I had other responsibilities. :/

Today at work I was surprised with a laptop from a co-worker. I told him a day or so ago that I would look at it for him and he promptly brought it in haha. He wasn’t able to even get it to turn on. Sometimes that is worse, because there is no error message and really no signs. I was thrown for a minute because I tested the power cable with a multimeter and the voltage came back normal, at around 19 volts. I plugged it in to the laptop and everything worked fine. That threw me off because I saw no issue. I decided to clean up the programs on the laptop and let it charge. Once I did that I moved it across the room so it wasn’t in the way and that is when I saw that it was no longer charging. Hmmm, what happened. I decided to pull the whole thing apart, to check the adapter in the laptop it self. This is a very tedious process and involves a ton of small screws. I saw that everything was fine and then put it back together. I then tested the power cable again only to see that it didn’t have a charge at all anymore. So, final thought, it is the power cable. he can buy one for about $20 and he should be all good. 😀

It was fun to have something a little challenging today haha. I have also started watching Cleverman on Netflix it is rather weird. I enjoy it, but it is a bit weird. If you are into slightly strange science fiction shows you should give it a look see. 😀

I also bought a game yesterday that I have been on the fence about for some time. It is called Stardew Valley. You can buy it for around $15 on Steam. It is a single player story game, which is good for my anger haha. There is no real competitive angle that can annoy you. the premise is that you inherit your grandfather’s farm and take it over when the city life gets to be too much to handle. You rebuild the farm and live out your days. I really enjoy it so far and hope it keeps my interest.

That is all from me today! I hope you have enjoyed your stay. I’ll be back again tomorrow with any luck. I will be leaving work early to go back for homecoming. 😀 😀


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