What A Way To End The Week!

Hey Everyone!

So you already know how busy we were this week, well it got worse. Yesterday, as I got into work super early I was greeted with an email from the water company. It was to inform us that they had lost power and that the water wasn’t safe for the next few days! At first you may think that isn’t terrible, until you realize how much we depend on clean water.

The follow up email was telling us that we were to boil all water before using it to eat, clean, brush our teeth , and drink. To make it worse we have a baby, whose bottles need cleaned and sanitized, frequently! We have to do this crap through Saturday. To be safe we haven’t been washing clothes either.

I mean to be honest and real here, how in the hell doesn’t the water company have a backup system? They are in charge of thousands of human and non human consumers, and they don’t have a way to ensure that their power doesn’t go out? I mean, I understand it would be costly, for a system to be used in limited capacity, but wouldn’t they think the lives of their customers are worth that? Instead they just had it happen and sent a lousy email saying “Don’t use until further notice.” That all seems pretty unprofessional. Of course they are will still bill us for the use of contaminated water so that’s cool too lol.

I guess that is enough ranting. Tonight I will be watching Everett, while my wife goes to dinner with a few girls she is friends with here. They are all leaving their kids with the dads and heading out!It’ll be a quiet night in for me.

Tomorrow afternoon, at least my brother and I are going to camp. We are going to work on the cabin if we can and clean up the site. The plan was to have a few of his friends out to stay the night. He has backed out, even though it was his thought in the first place. I am not sure if anyone is going to come or stay. I was thinking about staying myself and having a relaxing night in the woods, since that was my plan in the first place. I might grab my tent and pack and enjoy the night.Β  I’ll be sure to let you know and take some pictures.

I’ll be back Monday with an update. I’ll see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “What A Way To End The Week!”

  1. We all take clean water for granted. I cannot imagine being a Rohinga and in a refugee camp with no clean water; not to drink or to wash with. We are lucky really and yes why doesn’t the water company have a backup? Have a good weekend.

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  2. I’ve heard of this happening in many places. A few years ago our city water failed some safety test and we were forced into boiling water until the city water could pass inspection. You never know how much you use something (like water) until you have to live without it. I’ll bet bottled water in your town sold out quickly. (But of course you were prepared with all that stored water in your basement. πŸ˜‰ )

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