NY State 3rd Degree!

Hey Everyone!

Last night eight members of our lodge in PA, went to observe 3rd degree work in NY state. We arrived a few minutes early to meet a few people, and introduce ourselves. As we entered the lodge we were greeted with a mural of Kind Solomon’s temple.


Once you turned the corner you were greeted with a large dining hall. They had the building funded by one of their old members, and pictured is a tribute to him.


The man’s name is Stanley Weeks. They had a bunch of old aprons on the wall. Some of which were from the 1800’s as well as this one from the second lodge ever…in the world!



Next I took a quick peek into the meeting hall. Their color scheme and set up is different than ours, and that is what makes it fun.


The best part is seeing what is similar and what is different. While all of the hardcore things are the same, there are plenty of differences. They had different officers, different setups, different verbiage, and added elements. In NY they act out parts of the degree, which was very different from what we do. It also made the meeting extremely long, time wise. It started at 7:30 pm and we didn’t leave until about 11 pm.

After the meeting it is customary o eat or have snacks and this was no different. I was going to have a little bit of most things and I guess I did. All of these things together make absolutely no sense haha.


They aren’t allowed to have alcohol in PA lodges so I had to partake while I could haha. Everything was delicious, and everyone was very nice. I would go back again anytime. It was a full night for sure. We invited them down in a few weeks when we are doing a 3rd degree, I hope a few guys show up.

That is all from me! I’ll be back on Friday, since I’ll be in early tomorrow! 😀 😀


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