Today is Halloween!

Here is some mood setting “door music.” (In case you need some and don’t haven any!)

Tiny bit of history.

To get spooky, here is a list of the “Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Villains.”

If scary isn’t your thing, here are the “Top 10 Family Friendly Halloween Movies.”

To round it all out here is a video of “7 Halloween Traditions from Around the World.”

Lastly if you are going out or staying in remember to be safe, and responsible. The last thing anyone wants on a fun holiday is something bad to happen, use your heads! πŸ˜€



Lazy Work Day!

Hey Everyone!

Today is Halloween! Here at work we had donuts and apple cider, in the morning. We also had a luncheon where people just brought a ton of stuff in. It was, of course, delicious andΒ  not good for you haha. A few people in the office dressed up, most did not, myself included. I suck haha. I am always behind the eight ball with gearing up for holiday outfits.

Tonight we are passing out candy to all the little ones. I went out in the cold last night and positioned my projector light where I wanted it. With the weather being bad and us being on a main road I didn’t want the weather to ruin it or have it get stolen. So I got it where I wanted it and then put it away until tonight haha. It’ll be a cold two hours sitting outside but it should be fun. My mom asked if we were coming over to their house at all, and I’m not really sure why. I told her we may come but I’m not to certain we have the time. Between us getting out of work and getting home by 4:30, my wife pumping and me setting the lights back up we would be cutting it close to have anytime over there at all.

Tomorrow is pay day and I’m glad it is haha. It is all spoken for of course but it will be a breath of fresh air. A weight will be lifted even if it is only for two days before I pay bills again lol. I have to work on saving hard again to get that plumbing issues resolved, fingers crossed. I don’t really have any plans until the weekend. We are going back to my wife’s hometown for our nephew’s first birthday party. We are going a day early to spend time with her grandparents.

That is all for my daily life post. I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Game 5, Binging & Halloween!

Hey Everyone!

I would like to report that I had a lazy and uneventful weekend! For me, this is a success haha. It was cold, rainy, blah and I made the most by staying inside, binging Stranger Things 2, and eating food that I shouldn’t. Side note, I have been slipping, well falling flat on my face, with my diet. Yikes! I have to try super hard to get back in the right mindset.

I stayed in, only leaving to get groceries, and take out the trash haha. I watched Ohio State beat Penn State in college football. That was a close back and fourth game jeez! I also watched three World Series baseball games. I don’t follow baseball very well, but when you have a weekend like this and the biggest series of the season it is easy to fall back in love with the sport. The Dodgers and Astros are making this one for the record books. Last night’s game five was a spectical to behold.Β  If you are interested here is the whole game, condensed into 28 minutes: Right………HERE!

We carved pumpkins! How could I forget that? Here is Everett’s first look at a pumpkin. Ever.


If that doesn’t crack you up you have no soul! He warmed up to it pretty nicely though.


Once we were done, there was nothing left but to put them on the porch and light them up!


The one I made on the right is a bit weird haha. I cut the top out and quickly realized there was no way in hell I was getting my hand in there. So I made sure I cut a mouth big enough to get the candle in haha.


Tomorrow night we will be passing out candy to all the youngsters. I’ll try to get a head count for your benefit and mine for future years.

That is all for me today I hope you all had a great weekend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€




Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Here again early Friday morning, for another coffee talk. I must quickly say that I almost forgot, since the new season of Stranger things is out on Netflix! Eeeekkk πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Lets talk Halloween! This is the weekend before the holiday, and we have very little plans, since we have all been a bit ill. We were invited to a family friendly party but we cannot go.

Our house is decked out with lights, cobwebs, witches brooms and the rest. We have our candy ready, about 400 pieces, and all we need now are tick or treaters. This is our first Halloween in the new house and we are excited to build up a relationship with the neighborhood a bit.

What are your Halloween traditions? Do you go get candy? Do you stay home or go out? Heck do you do anything?!? Some people may not like this holiday, if so let me know!

I’m a fan of this holiday and I like its dark nature haha.

Lets talk!


Little Of This, Little Of That!

Hey Everyone!

Like I thought, I was not able to get a quality post out yesterday. :/

Last night our Masonic lodge held a “School of Instruction” which is exactly what you think it is. We gather at one spot and have other lodges converge on that location, and spend the evening working on ritual work. Since most true Masonic information is not written down it is very important to hold these kind of meetings. They are very laid back and fun. You don’t have to dress up, we usually have food and drinks available for afterwards. It is also a great time to meet other brothers from other lodges.

Over the last few days I have been sick, again, and not doing much. One of those days my mom and dad came over and brought a gift from my great aunt Jackie.


As you can see he wanted to eat it. It is a Christmas tree ornament, his very first one! We are thankful for our family and all the things they do for us. Also, side note, please go back and look at the back of his hair hahaha.

This morning we had some fun getting him ready for daycare. He is all snuggled up in this first one and dressed in the next one.



So cute! It is getting pretty cold here and we have to wrap him up pretty good. It is going to be a real pain this winter haha.

Today at work we are having a retirement lunch for our receptionist. She has been here 28 years and will be leaving us after tomorrow. It is sad but shes 80 so she is ready. I have been working on setting her up with a PC to take as her retirement gift. Our company gives each person that has been there over, I want to say 5 years, $100 for every year that they have been with the company. So she is walking out with $2800, not bad haha.

Yesterday I received my very first letter from Abel my sponsor child. It was written by someone who works with Children International, because he is 9 and cannot write. I hope that he will learn as soon as he can. It was sent with a picture that he colored as well. His family is doing well, and are thankful for my sponsorship. He enjoys playing soccer, with his friends and helping around the house. I have sent him another letter and can’t wait to hear from him again!

We have been invited to a Halloween party for us and out kid this Saturday, but I’m not sure we are going to go. He currently has his second ear infection and I am just getting over my second sinus infection. We may just stay away from people in general. lol

I hope you are all having a great Thrusday, and I will see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Welp, That Happened Again!

Hey Everyone,

I won’t make you guess, I got another sinus infection! I can’t believe it. I really think it is from taking our son to daycare, that is the only thing that has changed in our lives in the past few months. I get sick once or twice every five years, not twice in two months! What the hell? I’m hoping this doesn’t become a regular thing, not only do I have limited time off, it straight up sucks!

That all being said I missedΒ  Monday’s weekend round up , so I ‘ll muddle through it today. I am still feeling like crap and covering for a co-worker so its an early day for me today and tomorrow. Go figure I get sick when the most amount of responsibility is on my shoulders.Β  Well lets start on Friday night. We went to bed and that was the most exciting thing, until about 2 am Saturday morning, you know the day we are taking wedding pictures. I woke up not able to breathe through my nose and with a terrible sore throat, as well as a nice pounding headache. I made sure to try and finish getting some rest, but that didn’t go too well. We finally got the family up and had to get our son ready to go to his grandparents house all day and into the evening. We also had to finish pack up up our photography equipment and get our itineraries straight. To keep it short we were gone on assignment from 10 am until 7 pm. That is a nine hour work day, on a weekend, while sick, no thank you.

I traveled with the groom and his party, while they golfed, and got ready. While I had some time I took a few drone fly overs. I’ll like just this one, but the quality is crappy because it came off of my phone compressed. It will be in HD when we get it ready for them.

There will later be music added with a couple other videos and picture from the weeding added in a nice video/slide show for the bride and groom. I tried to make it all night, and I did succeed, but I felt like death and my whole body hurt.

I spent the whole day Sunday on the couch, being about good for nothing. My amazing wife did everything she could for all of us. I’m not a very easy person to be around when I feel like that. She deals with me pretty well. πŸ˜€ I must have done something right though because I started feeling a bit better late in the day, but still not well enough to do anything. I made the decision to not go into work, not knowing if I was contagious. I, instead went to the clinic Monday morning, and got on an antibiotic. I also had a meeting with the plumber to tell me that to fix our main water line that is broken, that it will cost about $2100 that I don’t have. So that is fun.

That brings me to today. I came in early to cover a co-worker. I made sure to go to bed early and get some sleep. everything has been going OK thus far, but I’m still achy and not in any mood for crap haha. I will get out about an hour before the others so that is nice. I have my antibiotic for ten days then I should be well in the clear. I really hope I don’t get this crap again. I hate being sick.

As for the plumbing, I think it is one of those things we just have to do, and we are going to have to bite the bullet and go for it. We should still have enough come tax season to waterproof the basement so that should still be a go.

That is all for me today, I may or may not be able to post tomorrow, we will see. I hope you had a much better weekend than I did. and I’ll see ya! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to coffee talk. I remembered to do this again haha. I was sitting here sipping my coffee and it hit me that it was also Friday! So while you all wake up, check your blogs, and sip your coffee or tea we can talk.

I have been trying to figure out what this segment should be, and I think I have somewhat figured it out. I’d like to put myself in the situation that I was at a coffee shop with a friend. From there what would we potentially talk about?

Today I’m thinking Netflix. While we have our coffee in front of us, lets talk about our favorite shows. I am currently watching Cleverman, it is Australian based, and it pretty weird. It isn’t scary weird just a bit weird. It is about “Hairy People” and “Normal People” As if that wasn’t enough, the main character is the Cleverman, he can access the past and future. I have been working my way through the 14 seasons of NCIS as well, that is a loooooong haul! Some of my favorites have been Stranger Things, Atypical, Black Mirror, Dark Matter, The Office, gah there are so many!

What have you all been watching? Do you even watch Netflix? Maybe you have Hulu, or Fire TV through Amazon, maybe? Maybe? haha. Let me know!

My wife and I are shooting a wedding tomorrow so we will be getting the cameras and drone out today after work! Very Excited!

Hit me up with some comments, and I’ll be back Monday with a weekend update. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Productive Work Day!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was a fun day at the office. For real, this isn’t even a joke! there are seldom things that pop up that require our attention, at least like this. We have been working on setting up a wireless signal from our main building to the one across the street.Β  We had tried getting a couple of access points and bridging them, but the signal was weak due to the other wireless activity in the area. We needed something more! What is more you ask? Good question. We went to a company called Ubiquiti and purchased something called airFiber. It basically blasts a signal in the line of sight of the receiver and is super powerful.

We had to get up on the roof to mount that bad boy. Here was my view!


Here is a shot of a the other couple of guys helping out with everything.


And finally the finished product!


This bad boy will give us way more than we need haha.

I was also tasked with helping to find a solution to an Excel VBA code issue. We had to figure out how to make a button pop up a text box display with switch configuration. Great news! I did it, I love being able to start and finish a project so quickly. I’m no coder, but I can muttle my way through when I have to haha.

We too a nice walk after work and finished our evening with a small dinner.

This morning we had to change things up. My baby boy is spending the day with my mother. Our babysitter had to go for some medical testing so she couldn’t watch him. This is the first real time she will be watching him, so she is excited. We’ll see how it goes, she didn’t kill me so it should be ok haha.

that is all for me today I hope to see you all back again tomorrow for coffee talk. Maybe I’ll try a different topic each Friday, I don’t know yet. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Plumbing Fun!

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry for not having a post out yesterday, I was called just around lunch to go meet my plumber! I was told that they would call me with a time frame in the morning, of course that didn’t happen. Instead I received a call telling me that they were going to be at my house in 15 minutes. It was very short notice and I wasn’t able to get anything out.

That being said there were some wins and losses yesterday with the plumbing. I called them about three separate things. One being a PVC pipe leaking behind a wall where they had a shutoff valve. The second being a leaky supply line to the basement toilet. the third being that our system minorly backs up when the upstairs toilet is flushed.

He grabbed his snake and what not and started in on the main drain in the bathroom.


After about a half hour he stopped and informed me that the trap in that main line was broken somewhere and full of mud. Somehow water is still making its way though, but it’ll need fixed sooner than later.


That is mud, I promise! That is a major project and I need to talk to our insurance rep to see if I can get it covered at no cost to us for the repair. I would really hate to pay out of pocket for this. It would put at least our driveway paving on hold for a little while, which I don’t want.

He did fix the leaky pipe, with this piping.


Before it had a shutoff valve, and now it doesn’t, but what do I care? The main shut off is right beside it. I’m pretty sure it is a hot line going to….well we couldn’t figure out where it goes haha. I didn’t get a picture, but he replaced out supply line to the toilet and now our floor is dry all the time. Yippie!!

Our plumber was there for about three hours, and was very friendly. They are going to get back to me about an estimate to fix the trap that is broken, and in the mean time I’ll just wait to get the bill… :/

Speaking of all of this broken stuff, our washing machine was “fixed” but it didn’t solve our issue. The appliance guys also quoted my timing piece for the dryer at $110, which I guess is pretty standard. He will be coming back to look at everything once the part comes in.

It was a pretty hectic day with potential bad news, if we have to pay for that pipe. The good news is that I got paid to day, so of course I am already out of money haha. Oh well, it gives me some breathing room for a few days. I’ll take it. πŸ˜€

That is all from me on this fine Wednesday, I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Homecoming Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend we traveled back to our Alma mater, for their homecoming celebration. We both met and attended the same university so we like to go back when we can. This weekend was homecoming. We left in the afternoon Friday, and checked in to our hotel, soon after. It was getting close to dinner time so we set out to find a place that wasn’t packed to eat. We didn’t want to go anywhere that there was a wait, since we had Everett with us. We ate at the local Quaker State. I had a decent steak sandwich and loaded fries, and a 22oz. Yuengling.Β  We couldn’t really go out to the bars, which is traditional on those kind of weekends, so we hung out and did a few things in the city before heading home. My wife and I are taking pictures for a wedding this weekend, and she normally rents a better camera. This time she is biting the bullet and buying the one she wants. It is expensive but worth it, since she is just trowing that money away renting it a few times. The local Best Buy ordered it for us and it should be here before this weekend. Just in time for the wedding. Our last stop was the book store and then back to the hotel.

The next morning was foggy as you can tell from the view of my breakfast table…


It would soon go away and be a beautiful day. We were in contact with one of Jordyn’s friends and met up with her at the parade.


The parade was super hero themed and kind of fun. It isn’t like it used to be but it was still fun.



This next one is a pumpkin catapult. Later that day they go launch a bunch of them in a field.



Like any function from our university it is accompanied by the sounds of bagpipes!


We took time for our friends that stopped by as well. We also needed a family picture, of course!



This is my old roommate Zoser and his little baby Emma. We came to school the same year and I had been friends with him for a few before we lived together. I don’t see him as often as I would like.We both had kids, I think less than a month apart. It was a surprise to see him and awesome to catch back up with him.


I met up with another roommate and fraternity brother too. We lived together for a couple years before I moved in with my now wife. He now lives in Maryland so I don’t see him much either, He has invited us to come down and someday, sooner than later, that would be cool.

After the parade we left to come home. There really isn’t much more we could do there with a baby. We grabbed lunch at Perkins when we got back home because neither of us wanted to cook haha. I was able to cut the grass and we cleaned the house up a bit and caught up on laundry.

Speaking of laundry we had a guy come “repair” our washer and get parts for our dryer. Everything was great until we tried the washer again. It still isn’t spinning all of the water out of our clothes. I have yet to call the guy, because he is going to get a hold of me later for the dryer anyway. That will just be more time off from work that I am quickly running out of for the year. None of this is the guy’s fault of course it just sucks that it didn’t work. It’ll pan out in the end.

Sunday we stayed lazy at home. I was able to finish my Warcross book. It had some nice twists and turns toward the end. It does leave you wanting more. I was able to predict a bit more than I would have liked to, and I did find two instances of things not lining up. That can be overlooked since it doesn’t really change the story line in any way. I hope she comes out with her 8th book as a sequel!

That is all for me today. I am here bored at wok for another four hours haha. I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€