So I Did A Thing!

Hey Everyone!

If you can remember, I had a long family reunion a month ago. Ever since then I have been thinking about something I learned from one of my cousins. That thing was sponsoring a child in need. I found out that my cousin, about my age, had been sponsoring a child for years. She had brought it up because she got exciting news that her child was graduating from the program that she had been supporting for all that time.I looked back at some of her older Facebook posts and found out that she had been going through a company called “World Vision” which seemed like a great option to start looking.

I went to their website and read through some of the stuff. I figured it was a decent one because the cousin I am referring to pays high attention to details and she would not let something shady go on. Although I have heard of organizations not allocating as much as they should to the children, this one wasn’t like that. So I took what I learned from that site and looked for more like it.

At this point I was really getting into the idea of doing this myself. Now I am not someone who has “extra” money laying around. This is something that had to be dear to me, and helping people has always been close to my heart. Since I switched gears in college and decided not to work with children I haven’t felt that sense of lending a “helping hand”, which is also my fraternity’s motto. I was going to be a special education teacher, that fell through. I was a camp counselor, at a camp for children with special needs for 5 years, that ended when I no longer had free time during the summers. I now work with computers only, and do nothing to help others. I mean sure I help my little family and try to get ahead, but nothing more. I lost a piece of myself when all of that ended and this may be what brings it back. Like I said I don’t have “extra” money. I mean hell I can’t even afford my own car at this moment. So justifying this was a little tough for me, but at $32 a month I think I can make it work without setting myself back at all on monetarily. That would never be enough for a car and insurance, and sure it could help towards that in the future. But in the future I will have what I need when I need it. Worse comes to worse, I would have to drop this all together if I was that strapped, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

Anyway, I found that most of these places were either super religious which is a no go for me, or that they were one of the organizations that didn’t quite do enough. I scoured the internet and found a place called Children International. They are not based in religion, which is a huge plus for me. They are focused on ending poverty and helping children, and that is what I wanted. I found their FAQ page and read though everything and all all seemed to line up. They are super transparent, going as far as posting their tax info on their public website. The contributions are all 100% tax deductible, which is another big perk. The money does not go to the child directly, but rather helps fund their community center, gives them medical, schooling, and a safe place. Each year they get gifts on their birthday and Christmas, and you can chose to donate more and specify what they should get.

So I was sold. there was way more to cover, but I was sold. I looked around and saw they chose ten of the poorest countries and set up their shops there. The worst area by far was Zambia, so that was where I wanted to help. They flagged kids who were the “most needy” which was determined by social workers, and based on their living arrangements and what not. So, again, that is where I wanted to help. They also had how long each kid was waiting to be sponsored, so I filtered my search to be in Zambia, most needy, and the kid waiting the longest. This is where I found my sponsor child! His name is Abel and he is 9 years old.


I hope to sponsor him until her graduates from the program. Their goal is to have these kids graduate healthy, educated, employed, and empowered to break the cycle of poverty. That is something I can back whole heatedly! I have sent him a letter, it may take weeks to get to him, but he should know he is sponsored soon. They are encouraged to communicate back as well. Heck you are even allowed to go visit if you were so inclined! Once you sponsor a child you get more access to their family information, and you can even request to see how they are doing in school.

I feel like this is the right thing to do and I feel great about my choice. Oh and I never said how long he was waiting…it was over 900 days! Yikes.

That is all for me. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask, I’ll try to have an answer for you! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀 😀



8 thoughts on “So I Did A Thing!”

  1. Good for you! My mom once did that for a young girl when I was little. It’s an amazing thing to do for children and I hope to be able to do it when I’m older. I hope you can keep doing it until he graduates!


  2. This is so wonderful! My sorority chapter sponsored a village for their livestock, and being able to make an actual difference in people’s lives was amazing. The global world is smaller than you think and you can make such a difference!!


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