PDF To Word (Cometdocs App Review)

Hey Everyone!

I was contacted by the Community Manager of Cometdocs, to do a review of their ‘PDF to Word’ app. I gladly accepted the opportunity to do another review. I have since downloaded the app and a a few competitors and will jump right in on what I found. *Reminder: This is by no way a biased review, and I have not partnered with anyone*

Here is a link to the app in the Google Play Store.

I first asked myself, as an IT professional, who would use such an app? I found that my honest answer was really only a select few people. It could be useful for a businessman or salesman on the go, or possibly a family or college student that doesn’t have a full desktop to go about it another way. Even that one seems to be a stretch, but we will leave it there.

I next asked myself, does this really need to be an app? Could you not just go to a website converter and do the same thing? The answer is yes, buuut you really can’t beat the readiness of an app, with one tap launching. I would, at the end of the day much rather use an app.

This lead me to wonder, would you really be doing any type of converting, or real work for that matter on your phone or tablet? To answer simply yes, you could. If you fall in the category of an on the go businessman or salesman you could very well be doing some of this. Again I have to stress this is a really small percentage of people in most work forces. This is very much a niche app.

On paper the ‘PDF to Word’ app lists:

  • No limit on file size or number of converted files –Great!
  • Scanned and complex PDFs can also be converted –Great!
  • You can also convert Gmail attachments, Dropbox files, Google Drive files, OneDrive files, and iCloud docs –Great!

All of these features are great, except you would expect this from all converters wouldn’t you?


I started out just using the app I was to be reviewing. Then tested a couple other ways to convert for a proper test. I used a total of three different converters, one of which being the app under review. I downloaded two test PDF documents of average size, and one at a time I converted each one. I was looking for a good clean conversion, a reliable speed (if you are on the go you want fast), usability, and affordability.

So, the ‘PDF to Word’ app was simple to find and download. It pops right up and installs, simple. When you open it you are greeted with a nice clean Office-esk looking interface.


You clearly can see that it is easy, you tap the ‘+’ sign to search for your file.You are then given an option to grab a file locally or from some other source. I used my OneDrive, since that is where I downloaded the sample PDFs.


After the proper selection I was able to easily able to find my PDF files.


Up until this point everything was great. Everything you expect to find from this app you were getting. Once I tapped on the file I wanted to convert I was honestly shocked at first.


They seemingly went ad-free, which is cool, but at a staggering price. On top of that they went out of their way to create a wait time if you didn’t pay for the upgrade. Honestly that is a little dirty. I would rather see ads on the free version with less wait time. This is done though for a reason. They aren’t interested in free users, this app is geared for a company to pay for the whole package. This app has that.

I continued with the free version, and started my conversion. I knew there would be a wait, but at this point I already knew it wasn’t set up for a free user to use once or twice.


I started my conversion at 9:14, it didn’t finish until 10:30. Again they were up front about the wait time. Lets be entirely honest, if this is what the free version holds it wouldn’t make sense to use it, ever. No one in their right mind would wait over an hour for one document to be converted.

I have no question that the upgrade works like it says. If you pay the $7 I guarantee you that it would take a matter of seconds. You would be very happy with the end result. It really boils down to would you spend the money for this service?

The next service I tried was web based, because I figured to avoid the cost of an app without ads you could just browse for a random converter. From my mobile device I went to google, searched for a PDF to Word converter, tapped the link to get there and was greeted with this:


Again a fairly simple layout that is there to do a simple service. Now keep in mind that there will always be a few steps involved to get here. This isn’t an app, and you won’t have one touch access if you need this again. But it is always available and won’t take anywhere near an hour even after having to search for it. I digress, next you tap to add a file and browse to it.


Once selected, it starts the conversion process. To my delight it was done in a matter of seconds. The whole process from google search to open Word doc took about 30 seconds.


So the down side to this method is that you lose out on the once touch capability. It is however free and still took less time than the free version of the ‘PDF to Word’ app. (as to be expected) Browsing to a converter like this makes sense for a conversion here and there, not necessarily all the time.

Next I wondered, what would other free downloaded apps look like. I again searched the store to find a free converter and found this app ‘PDF Converter’ made by Tick talk Soft.


Once installed they show you right away that there will be ads and that you can pay to remove them.


I continued with the ad version, and much like the ‘PDF to Word’ app from Cometdocs, was greeted with a simple clean layout.


You can see a small banner ad at the bottom. Nothing to be bothered by. I next tapped to add a file. Once I found it I was offered a choice of conversion. This being a PDF to Word review I chose a word doc.


I was also asked something I never thought about. It asked which version of a Word document I wanted.


I was then prompted to name my new word file, which was also a nice feature.


Once I named my file and hit the Ok button I encountered my first ad.


This was followed by one more. They weren’t videos or anything they were just simple screens to ‘X’ out of. So with the double tap of a finger they were gone, and in seconds I had my file, renamed and converted, for free.


Again with a couple of banner ads , but done in a timely manner. Tapping the file then the preview option I could open and see my file.



So yes this service had a couple of ads, but again the total amount of time spent, from opening the app to opening Word at the end, took 15 seconds. This app offers no ads as a subscription fee which is silly to me. This app works great for one touch conversions every once and a while.


I have reviewed the three apps for conversion, in their free mode, and have to say that for me the wait time on the “PDF to Word” app from Cometdocs just doesn’t make sense in any application. Either of the two other options would work much better. Again in the free mode.

If you are the kind of person that may be doing this all the time and don’t want to search the web each time to find a converter, and ads popping up each time you name a file bothers you. It may be worth it for you to spend the one time fee of $7 and have the ‘PDF to Word’ app from Cometdocs. If you are a company looking to add something like this to all ‘Outside Sales’ cell phones, it would absolutely be worth it.

While the other two options are great for one time conversions, the ‘PDF to Word’ app from Cometdocs is really in a league of its own. It isn’t for one time use, or free use. It is there as a tease in free mode. You really wouldn’t choose it for a one time conversion. It is meant for large scale conversions. It is meant for a company to standardize their working habits, without ads. For that there is clearly a need for a fee, and $7 at that point isn’t bad at all!


I have to rate this for both versions, as it is only fair.

For the free version with over an hour wait time it would have to be a 1/5 stars. (I think they understand why and are ok with that) An ad riddled service with fast speeds wins everyday over that wait.

For the paid upgrade version, that would be perfect for companies with a need, it would be a knockout with 5/5 stars.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this review I hope it helps! 😀 😀







2 thoughts on “PDF To Word (Cometdocs App Review)”

  1. I do not claim to know much about all of this technology but I understood enough to say that if I had tried Cometdocs as a “free” user, I would have been so frustrated that I definitely would not ever have done anything else with them. If they want to charge $7 for their service, I think they should just come right out and say so. As a consumer I would rather they did that than try to mislead people that it’s free.

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