Welcome- Everett’s Birth Story.

Hey Everyone!

My wife has written a post that she has been working on for a while now. Please take the time to check it out. It is about the birth of our precious baby boy. Here is a sneak peak: (click the link to read the whole thing.)

“Moments before my son was born, I laid in the hospital bed, fighting back tears, holding my husbands hand. As my midwife and nurses shuffled around the room, preparing for my son’s birth, so many thoughts ran through my mind; what if I’m not meant to be a mother? What if something goes horribly wrong? What if he doesn’t like me? These thoughts seem childish and silly now, but in that moment I felt a sense of panic.

At 5:20 PM my son breathed his first breath. As the nurse laid him on my chest….”


Source: Welcome- Everett’s Birth Story.


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