Poor Baby, Pellet Stove, & Dead Switch!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was going to be a lazy day full of rest. Well, that wasn’t the case. We all have head colds and we found out that little Everett has an ear infection. He is doing better now and is on antibiotics.

After his doctor appoint I had a fire lit under my ass, for whatever reason. I wanted to move my treadmill to the curb and give it away, as well as dismantle my pellet stove setup and get it out to the garage. I’m in the process of selling it for some cash to either finish up the garage or get bookshelves made.

I had my brother coming to help me, and before he got there I took the treadmill out and had it on the curb. he saw it and asked why I was giving it away, and if it worked? I told him we didn’t use it or have space for it, and yes it worked. He pulled right in and we loaded it in his truck. haha His broke and he hasn’t had one since, until now lol.

Once that was done we started to dismantle the pellet stove. Here is the removal of the intake hose from the outside of the house:


Next was taking apart the exhaust pipe from the outside.


Then the inside, of course. Sorry for the bad picture, We were busy.


Once we removed the piping we took the sheets of wood off. This was an old window so it is window sized lol. We needed to make sure to patch this all up so we didn’t just have a huge hole into our basement. We placed OSB on the inside, and put better plywood on the frame. I then painted it with outdoor green paint to match the rest of our basement trimmings.


Then it was on to the inside.We dropped the treadmill off at my brothers house and grabbed some insulation from his attic.


Once it was cut to size we stapled it in place.


With the remaining pieces of ‘good’ plywood we covered the inside and there it is!


It is now well insulated and good to go. We moved the 330+lb stove into the garage and I posted it for sale in four different garage sale groups in the area. I am hoping to get it moved out quick so we can move on to other projects.

His is a picture of my little buddy not feeling well. He is feeling much better with three doses of antibiotic in him.


Late last night I received a text from my co-worker telling me that in the afternoon, once I left, that our switch died. This is a pretty big deal. All network traffic that would be going though that switch no longer could. That included our data collection system, no bueno!

So once I got to work today we had our hands full. Here is the mess we had make to re route everything, fun huh?


Looks like a rats nest. Once we are all done we hope to get it organized again. We have a switch that should be delivered today so we can configure it and set everything back to the way it was.

We also had our health screening today at work and even though I have lost 40+ lbs I still have higher cholesterol GRR! What does a man have to do! I took out a ton of carbs and watch all of my diet. At this point I’m sure it is just genetics. Oh well, we all die someday , right?

That is all for me. I hope I feel better today at some point, my head feels like it is in a fish bowl. I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀


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