Garage & Baby Boy!

Hey Everyone!

I was going to mow my grass yesterday after work but it started to rain. :/ I will most likely be doing it today if the weather holds off. I was, however, able to put the four sheets of plywood up yesterday. It made a huge difference already and I am super pleased. I have some gaps but that is to be expected when you are cutting 8′ sections of plywood on uneven surfaces, on your own haha. When I get the whole garage done, roof and all, I will go back with small amounts of spray foam to fill the gaps just for looks really. Here is what I got done though:

Here you can see the back wall with the wood off, I quickly put that back on.


Here are the four sheets I added, after moving a bunch of junk. You never realize what it takes to ‘clear’ an area. It never looks like much until you need literally everything out of the way haha.


I had to take a half inch off of the top pieces the whole way across so they would fit. That was sort of annoying haha. It was fun hanging out in my garage with my thoughts. I don’t get to do that sort of thing often and I really enjoy it. I hope I am able to keep the area organized like I want to, so I always have a nice work space. I see too many people clutter their garage up and then get lost in the mess. I hope to avoid that.I am thinking six more sheets and I will have the walls done. Just guessing I think I’ll need 12 to do the roof side.

This morning my little buddy was looking good in his outfit so I had to take a couple pictures for my wife, so I figured I’d share them with you all too!



I can’t get enough of him! It is a crazy thing to look at him and realize each time that he is my own son. Indescribable.

I will be back with another post tomorrow! I hope to see you all then. 😀 😀


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