SoloLearn App Review!

Hey Everyone!

Back again with another review. I’ll be mixing it up a bit with this one. It is an app review, the first one I have attempted. Bare with me and enjoy.

I was at work the other day tinkering with different parts of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) trying to help my co-worker get e-mail signatures to work correctly. When work let out I went home. My office is in the attic and my baby and wife need my help on the first floor of our home. I still had HTML on my mind and thought to myself, “I bet there is an app for this.” There was. The app is called ‘SoloLearn’ and is free to download.


Once you download it you choose the language that interests you, you can change it anytime. I chose HTML and it brought me to my ‘Activity Feed.’ As you can see there is a leveling system based on how much you complete.


Navigating through this interface is simple. The next screen shot I have is for the ‘Q&A’ section of the app. This allows you to ask and get your own questions answered, without having to go else where to find things out.


Another section is the ‘Code Playground’ where you can practice coding right here in the app.


Next they have a ‘Play’ section that allows you to start challenges.


Lastly, you have a ‘Learn’ section, where you do just that. Since I chose HTML you can see that it is HTML based. You can clearly see that I have completed the Overview and that I am currently working on the Basics. You may also notice the ‘Take A Shortcut’ button, this allows people to skip ahead if they already know some of what they want to learn. You can take a short quiz and skip sections if you answer them correctly.


At the end you are awarded a ‘Certificate’ of completion. I’m sure it isn’t anything super special but it will make you feel good. From above you saw I was in the Basics section. Below you can see how that is formatted. You go through mini learning sessions that teach you, make you do some code, and then they question you on what you have learned. They are quick so you can definitely learn on the go.


Below you can see just some of the courses they offer.


This is a great little app that has over 1 million downloads. It is rated in the Play Store 4.8/5 and so far all I can do is agree. I will be using this app for the foreseeable future, whether it is for brushing up or starting new. If this app interests you I would recommend that you give it a shot!

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. 😀 😀


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