Industrial Tournament!

Hey Everyone!

Compared to yesterday this post will be short lol.

Today marks the start of the 38th Annual Terry F. Ristau Industrial Memorial Softball tournament! Most people in this area wait all summer for this tournament. There are four divisions, in this slow pitch softball tournament. They have a men’s open bracket, co-ed open bracket, industrial men’s bracket, and lastly an industrial co-ed bracket. In order to be considered ‘industrial’ everyone on your roster must work for the company that your team is based on.

There has been a major shift in how many teams are in each recently. It used to be strictly ‘industrial’. In the past decade they have added the ‘open’ teams. For a while they played together until some very smart people realized it was very unfair. The ‘industrial’ teams had restrictions on who could play, therefor having a very restricted pool of people to choose from. This all while the open teams like the Legions and other clubs could choose anyone from anywhere.

This year there are only 8 ‘industrial’ men’s teams, I am on one. In total I want to say there are about 30+ teams throughout the four divisions. That is pretty impressive for a small city.

My company always rents a pavilion and has food catered each year. We are in for some more good food! Our first game is tonight at 8:30. To make it a little more interesting we play against my brother and his team. We normally play on the same team all year long so we know each other very well. It is rare that we are not on the same team, let alone have the chance to play one another. Usually we get going and end up on different ends of the bracket, but we can’t do that if we start out playing each other haha. To be brutally honest they are a team that consists of people who play all summer, and have played as a team more often. They are proven, so far, as the better team. Good news is, it is slow pitch softball and none of that matters haha. This year we have a couple summer help kids playing and a strong team. I think we can take them!

I will be pitching for the second year in a row, and really hope I don’t catch a line drive to the face or family jewels! It is a real possibility, but should be able to be avoided. Just the shear small distance the pitcher is away from the batter is scary, then you have a big yellow ball hurling back at you.

The last two years haven’t been good to us as a team, but we have also struggled to get guys to sign up. the first year I was with this company they didn’t even think they would have a team. To make matters worse we couldn’t hire summer help because we had a downturn in sales. We won 2 games and lost 2 games that year. Last year we had a better team but worse luck. We only won 1 game and lost the next 2. This year I have more optimism than both of the prior years. We have a few young studs and the remaining good guys on our team. With only 8 teams in the bracket this year we may have a fighting chance. Who knows!

That is all for me, I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend! I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀


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