Errors, Dentists, & Last Night Home!

Hey Everyone!

This is my Friday! After work I am headed out to my family reunion for a week! I won’t be back on WordPress until the 17th, man that will seem like a long time! Yes, all of those sentences deserve exclamation points haha.

Yesterday, while I was still at work, I ran into this beauty of an error.


I have been setting up a virtual machine on my work PC to practice penetration testing. I Am using Oracle’s Virtual Box, only because I’m following a tutorial. I am working on getting a version of Kali Linux to work, well trying! when I finally get to the point of starting my virtual machine it crashes, gives me this error, and restarts my computer. RIP. I have updated my drivers and will try again after writing this. If it doesn’t work I’ll try using VM Ware instead. Now that you are bored out of your minds I’ll tell you about my dentist appointment lol.

Looking at my chart you would either think I never brush my teeth, or I have soft teeth. I really hope you came to the conclusion that I have soft teeth on your own! I could never eat sweets and brush three times a day and I’ll still have a damn cavity. My little brother has eaten shitty food his whole life and just recently had his first cavity. I generally have a healthy diet and always have cavities.


I was surprised the last two times I went because I was cavity free. Well it loos like it caught back up with me. I have two cavities, one on each upper side. It will take about one hour to get them both fixed in one sitting, but I’d rather just be done with it so I’ll sit through it. I’m not a huge fan of the dentist but I’ve become ok with them since I have had this happen so often. :/

I left the dentist and went to pick my baby boy up from daycare. I grabbed him and took him into work so my co-workers could see him for the first time. A few of them will be sad they missed it, oh well. I took him home and it must have wiped him out because he was sound asleep in his swing like this:


Since my wife and I have been dead dog tired in the morning. We haven’t enjoyed a proper breakfast in a while. So we decided to have one for dinner haha.


It really hit the spot. I make hers with cheese on the eggs and butter on the bagel. We tried a different kind of bacon and I enjoyed the taste. I think we may switch to that brand for good.

Soon after I had to shave my face, and pack my bags. Nothing like waiting until the last night to get it all done. Luckily I don’t need much to survive for a week. I grabbed my Ukulele, my nerd backpack with a hammock, a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and a game called Kubb.


I’ll elaborate on that Kubb game a bit. Better yet I found a decent video on it:

We play slightly different, very slight, but the main rules are there. You can buy these games online or make your own. My dad made three sets, one for him, one for me, and one for my brother. We were introduced to this game at a family reunion in the past so it is only appropriate that I bring a set!

Like I said before, I’ll take some pictures and have a ton to report, when I get back. I can’t wait to start my vacation and see all of my family members! I’ll see you on the 17th! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


5 thoughts on “Errors, Dentists, & Last Night Home!”

      1. Enjoyed your post, it was wonderful and great pictures. Most of my family is gone now and I sure miss the family reunions we use to have. My children remember them well and all the fun times and memories we use to have. Hopefully your family will continue to have them and your son will have great memories to look back on as well. Happy it was a success!


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