This Half Week Better Fly By!

Hey Everyone!

I am getting very excited for this family reunion! I am having a really hard time concentrating at work today. As a small update from Friday, I went shopping with my mom and pretty much got a whole new working wardrobe! I went from an XL shirt to M, I went from 38 waist pants to about a 35, and picked up some shoes and socks as well. It was a huge relief to have that all taken care of. She even picked up the tab on my dog food, woo!

I think Saturday my wife and I tried our hand at homemade ice cream. We had received an ice cream maker as a wedding gift over two years ago and hadn’t found the time to use it. (We also have a popcorn maker I need to try 😉 ) Anyway, we gave it a shot with a simple peanut butter recipe my wife found online.

I don’t have the recipe handy, but it was simple. Mix the crap in a bowl: Check!


Pour it in this thing: Check!



Let it spin around for 30 minutes, and chop up your Reese’s: Check!



Put the Reese’s in for the last minute or two and you are good to go!


A little peanut butter goes a long way. This wasn’t over bearing at all but too much could really give you a tummy ache. I was pleased with how it turned out for our first try. We want to do it more often.

The rest of my weekend included playing a ton of video games, while my wife and son watched Harry Potter on the futon in the Office/Attic.

I mainly have been playing Rocket League and Rainbow Six: Siege. When I get mad at one I play the other, because they are total opposites haha. If I’m doing poorly in the one I’m better at the other. I am by far better at first person shooter games (FPS) than I am at driving around in a rocket car but I am competitive in each.

In Rocket League the ranks are like this:


They read as follows (any level) 1 being the worst 3 being the best, again with in that level. I am currently here:


To be in the middle of the pack I should be Gold three or Plat one, so I’m just under where I would like to be. It is hard in these low-ish ranks to find good, random team mates to rank up. I play solo games with two random other people on my team so it is hard to find decent people, in low ranks.

Rainbow Six rankings are the opposite, you’ll see what I mean. Here is how they rank:


Yikes that might be hard to see. In any bracket/level,  4 is the worst and 1 is the best. In this image the best of the best is the far left (Diamond) I am here:


As you can see I am above average in my rank here. I only need to advance 6 ranks to be diamond. That will absolutely not happen, but it is closer than in Rocket League haha. I don’t have the time to dedicate to rank up higher. I am much better with tactics and shooting games. It was fun getting to play some ranked games this weekend. I won’t be able to even be on a computer for the next week, which is welcomed.

I am hoping that everything until after work Wednesday fly’s by! I am ready for a vacation. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “This Half Week Better Fly By!”

  1. The ice cream looks yummy! When our kids were small we had a Friday night routine. We would watch Star Trek Next Generation and make ice cream in a thing you had to turn by hand. We would each take turns. It was great and we did it for about a year. Have an enjoyable vacation.

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