Blah Tuesday…

Hey Everyone!

It has been a slow evening followed by a slow day, so far.

My wife went and picked our baby up from his first day at daycare a bit early. She was out of work so why not? Everything went well. He seemed to be good with it all, and the lady we take him to had nothing but good things to say.

Last night I was able to relax and play a few video games, which has become a rarity lately. I miss it but at the same time I don’t. It is hard to find time for them but I know my time is also needed elsewhere so it doesn’t bother me much. After that I sat down and practiced my Ukulele a bit. I want to brush up on it so I can take it to the reunion. My extended family is very musically inclined, which is awesome. I want to be able to have a little jam session at least once with a group of them, if I can. One of my cousins that is coming is going to make a short film I believe. So that would be cool. Anyway, I was trying to learn the next few riffs in the Bohemian Rhapsody song I have been trying to learn. It is hard when you only have a four stringed instrument haha.

Today at work I have designed a few wallpapers for desktops in my spare time. I have to run right after this and create a backup image of our badging PC. It was broken recently and we never had an image of it. Well, I fixed it and never want to have to do that again lol. The rest of the day will prove to be slow as well.

Our softball team somehow has 20 members on it. Last I heard we barley had enough to play. Shit we could have had two full teams… I’m going to HR and ‘pitch’ that idea soon. I wonder if its already to late to throw another team in?

That’s all from me today. I hope your Tuesday is calm and productive. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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