Garage & Baby Boy!

Hey Everyone!

I was going to mow my grass yesterday after work but it started to rain. :/ I will most likely be doing it today if the weather holds off. I was, however, able to put the four sheets of plywood up yesterday. It made a huge difference already and I am super pleased. I have some gaps but that is to be expected when you are cutting 8′ sections of plywood on uneven surfaces, on your own haha. When I get the whole garage done, roof and all, I will go back with small amounts of spray foam to fill the gaps just for looks really. Here is what I got done though:

Here you can see the back wall with the wood off, I quickly put that back on.


Here are the four sheets I added, after moving a bunch of junk. You never realize what it takes to ‘clear’ an area. It never looks like much until you need literally everything out of the way haha.


I had to take a half inch off of the top pieces the whole way across so they would fit. That was sort of annoying haha. It was fun hanging out in my garage with my thoughts. I don’t get to do that sort of thing often and I really enjoy it. I hope I am able to keep the area organized like I want to, so I always have a nice work space. I see too many people clutter their garage up and then get lost in the mess. I hope to avoid that.I am thinking six more sheets and I will have the walls done. Just guessing I think I’ll need 12 to do the roof side.

This morning my little buddy was looking good in his outfit so I had to take a couple pictures for my wife, so I figured I’d share them with you all too!



I can’t get enough of him! It is a crazy thing to look at him and realize each time that he is my own son. Indescribable.

I will be back with another post tomorrow! I hope to see you all then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Blood Orchid & Garage Update!

Hey Everyone!

**Quick update! My friends over at Riley’s Backpack need a bit of help keeping their domain. If you can spare a buck head over to their GoFund me Here! Thanks all!***

Today has been another slow day. Last night I decided that there is no good way to get my work bench off of my wall. That means that a whole section of my garage wouldn’t get insulated. I determined that it is no longer worth it to insulate it at all if that is the case. I sent the insulation back and grabbed four 8′ sheets of OSB plywood. I’ll be covering the walls and then working on finishing some of the details, like shelves, and peg board. In other exciting news, somewhat related, I just bought A drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and a jig saw from amazon! I haven’t ever had my own tools and I and pumped to be getting some. I have borrowed from my family, but want to slowly get my own. I opted for the 20V cordless tools, so I wont have a tangled mess. My dream is to have a charging station on my bench and be able to mount tools on the wall. I have stuck with Black and Decker as the brand because the leaf blower my wife got me on my birthday is that brand as well. I will have three batteries and two chargers after this order arrives. So after work I’ll be working on the walls!It is hard for me to wait all day at work knowing I could be home doing real work. :/ Oh well, have to have a way to fund my projects haha.

In video game news, I have progressed in Rainbow Six: Siege to the rank of ‘Platinum III’ This is the highest I have ever been and I love it. They guys I watch that stream the game and make money from it are lower ranks. That hasn’t happened with me before. It is neat. I am only three ranks from the top rank in the game. That’s not bad at all for playing with random people each game!

Staying within the realm of R6, they dropped their ‘Blood Orchid’ update and I need it in my life. You can check out the full update at this link here. The main things that people will really care about are the three new operators. They have introduced one attack and one defense Chinese ops, and one Polish op. The attacking Chinese op is named Ying and she has the ability to detonate a cluster of flash bangs. The defensive Chinese op is named Lesion and he deploys cloaked mines that poison his enemies and slows their movement speed. My favorite is the new Polish operator, Ela. She can place or throw concision mines that detonate by proximity. They have also introduced a ‘Theme Park’ map. Of course this is all one top of the behind the scenes fixes. All of which are listed in that link above.

Here is Ying:


Here is Lesion:


Here is Ela:


That is all from me today! Ooh the dentist was an OK experience yesterday, nothing bad to report haha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Dentist & Garage Finishing!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been really boring and it is driving me crazy. I haven’t really had anything to do here at work. I am not able to order anything new until the beginning of the next month, so I’m sort of stuck. To make it all a bit better/worse I have a dentist appointment at 2pm. So yes, I get out of work and end the boring work day, but at the same time I have to get two cavities filled! Gah, not good. I should be out of there by 3pm, which is when I will have to go pick up my son. With a numb face. *facepalm* I m really not lookinf forward to going to the dentist, or paying the bill.

Yesterday, towards the end of the day, a co-worker of mine dropped a Lowes gift card on my desk. It was for helping his son build a computer, and troubleshooting the issue they were having. It was $50 which is better than the $0 I had before. I decided that I would put it to good use after work. I went home and swapped vehicles with my dad, because I needed a truck. I headed to Lowes where I bought a 6′ ladder and a pack? container? thingy? of R-13 batt insulation for my garage. My framing is 2′ on center and the batt insulation was the only kind that was wide enough to fill those gaps.

Over the next few weeks I want to start on getting the insulation up, and bought. This will be a bit tricky on the ceiling and behind my work bench. I have to detach my bench from the wall that is currently boarded up and move it. Afterwards I have to take the existing plywood off and install the insulation. I won’t be able to put the bench back until the sides are complete since it stick out about 2′ from the back wall. Β Other than those two parts the rest of the walls should be fairly easy. I will try my best not to get fiberglass in my eye and hurt myself in anyway. I can’t guarantee anything though!

Well that is all for me. Depending on how I feel when I get home I may change out of my work clothes and start insulating. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Zac Brown Band & Cabin Build

Hey Everyone!

I am back from my long weekend!

for those who may not know, my wife and I went to a Zac Brown Band concert she won tickets to. Β The concert was Thursday evening at 7 pm, at Youngstown State University. I guess it was the first time they have ever had a concert, and people we having a blast.

The band Midland was the opener and play for about an hour. Here was our view, mind you it was still the opener and daylight so the stands weren’t full yet.

mher (2)mher (3)

Here is a quick clip of Midland from Thursday playing there no. 1 hit ‘Drinkin’ Problem.

The rest of the night was awesome. The Zac Brown Band is great live! They even covered Bohemian Rhapsody, I didn’t expect that. It was looking like rain and that held off. It was a ton of driving for one night but it was all worth it.

mher (5)mher (4)mher (6)mher (7)

The pictures aren’t great but I wanted something haha.

Here is a clip of their super famous song ‘Chicken Fried’.

You can really tell the crowd was into it. If you make it to the end you can see that they continue to just do awesome instrumentals for a whole minute.

We made our way home and arrived after 1 am. We went right in, thanked my mom for watching our son and hit the hay!

Friday was spent relaxing. Saturday and Sunday I went with my dad and brother to get some more work done on the cabin. We started on the ends first.

Here is my brother adding the first piece of plywood.

mher (9)

We have arch gaps to fill at the top but the windows are all in and framed.

mher (13)

The other side done the same, with the bigger window framed.

mher (14)

Here is just a shot of the outside.

mher (11)

Next we worked on framing in a couple of french doors that we no longer needed. They will not be doors at all, rather just tall windows with builtin blinds!

mher (10)

Here is where they will go, one on each side.

mher (16)mher (12)

Here they are mostly framed in, and I figured I should get a picture now or else I would forget. The first is with the blinds closed then open. It should be a great feature for light and style.

mher (1)mher (18)

It is moving right along. Once we frame in the real door, and cover the two ends we are going to seal it up. We are going to caulk the floor gaps, and use expanding foam around the roof and walls. Next will be to insulate the inside all while having the other people putting on the siding. from there we are going to put Amish rough cut wood on the front, and plywood the inside. Then it is just a matter of building the interior, as far as bunks counters, and moving in furniture. Still quite a bit to do but it should be ‘livable’ for a weekend by first snow.

I had a jam packed weekend, but it was all a good time. I hope you all had great ones as well. If you get a chance check out my last post. It is a short film review that I was requested to do. Kinda neat actually.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The Story of 90 Coins (2015)

Title:Β The Story of 90 CoinsΒ MV5BZTNhNTlmMGMtZWU5Yy00ZTkzLWIxZjktNTcyYmRjNjM2NGE1L2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODE0NTE2OA@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,706,1000_AL_.jpg

Director:Β Michael Wong

Genre:Β Short, Drama, Romance

Rating:Β Not Rated

Leads:Β Jose Acosta, Dongjun Han, Zhuang Zhiqi

Ok, this will be my first time doing something of this nature. I was contacted by the director of this short film, Michael Wong, to watch and review his film. I graciously have accepted.

On to the specifics! The short film is 10 minutes in duration. It is a Chinese film directed by Michael Wong. This is seemingly his first film, made for entertainment. This film in particular has picked up over 30 different recognition’s, at film festivals world wide. I will have them listed at the end if you care to browse through them. πŸ˜€

Short films are created differently than full length films for many reasons. They have to be able to grab the audience quickly all while presenting as much information as they can to build up the story. I personally feel like short films never can do any justice, because you can clearly tell there is a full story inside waiting to come alive. That being said, for many reasons, most short films never get made in to feature films, and you are left wondering what if.

In this short film Wan Yuyang (Han Dongjun) is in love with Chen Wen (Zhuang Zhiqi). Her feelings aren’t mutual, but he wants her to give him a chance. He proposes a 90 day period for him to change her mind. He will give her a coin each day for 90 days, totaling $9.00. If at the end of the 90 days she does not feel the same way about him they will buy drinks where they first met and say goodbye. They see each other everyday except one, and each day she receives a coin in a folded paper container. Along the way Chen Wen is advancing in her career as a fashion designer, and seemingly has to choose her career or possible love. The whole film is based on the motto “Don’t let a promise become just a beautiful memory.” What will she decide? Go see for yourself in the link below!

In the short 10 minutes of this film you are presented with a ton on information. You don’t have enough time to really build any relationship with the characters but you do have time to engulf yourself in the beautiful story. At times it seems a bit scattered and confusing, but I’ll chalk that up to a complex story being compressed. The story is mostly narrated by what seems to be both characters own conscience’sΒ so you don’t see the actors speaking through out. There are English subtitles, and that is what I had to go off of. I watched this film three times over to make sure I captured the story, the lines, and the video.

The cinematography and photo editing in this film is stunning. I mean wonderful! The shots are tasteful, and classy. The cuts and transitions are as smooth as can be. Everything in that regard is top notch.

Since this was a requested review I want to give you, my readers the option to watch this film yourself to see what I mean. You can watch the film on Vimeo here!

Does this short film have what it takes to be a full length movie? I would say yes. Will it ever become one? Probably not, based on many factors. Who should watch this short? Everyone! If it were a full length movie who would want to see it? Adult couples on date night. What would you rate this short film? I would rate this short film a 7/10.Β 

As promised here is a list of accolades for this short. I hope you have enjoyed my review.

    Official Selection – Nassau Film Festival 2017
    Silver Remi: Shorts Dramatic Original – WorldFest Houston Int’l Film & Video Festival 2017
    Nominee: Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film – Nice Int’l Filmmaker Festival 2017
    Nominee: Best Lead Actor in a Foreign Language Film – Nice Int’l Filmmaker Festival 2017
    Nominee: Best Original Score – Nice Int’l Filmmaker Festival 2017
    Winner: Best Editing – SHORT to the Point (Feb) 2017
    Official Selection – UK Screen One International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Sacramento International Film Festival 2016
    Winner: Best Cinematography – Top Indie Film Awards 2016
    Nominee: Best Romantic Comedy – Top Indie Film Awards 2016
    Awards of Excellence – Accolade global Film Competition 2016
    Best Drama – Los Angeles Film Awards 2016
    Best Cinematography – Los Angeles Film Awards 2016
    Best Foreign Short – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2016
    Best Actress – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2016
    Audience Choice Award: Drama – Festigious International Film Festival 2016
    Best Couple – Festigious International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Singapore World International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – New York Film Week 2016
    Official Selection – Vasteras Film Festival 2016
    1st prize: Best Cinematography – Open Art Short Film Festival 2016
    2nd prize: Best Director – Open Art Short Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection: Narrative Short Film – Open Art Short Film Festival 2016
    Winner: Best Short Film – Universal Film Festival 2016
    Nominee: Best Foreign Film – Universal Film Festival 2016
    Nominee: Best Actor – Universal Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Shnit International Short Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Bridge Film Fest 2016
    Official Selection – Ipsos Short Film Breaks 2016
    Winner: Best Narrative Short – The World’s Independent Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Swedish International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Vienna Independent Film Festival 2016
    Best Film: Hope – Top Shorts Online Film Festival 2016
    Best Cinematography – Top Shorts Online Film Festival 2016
    Honorable Mention: Original Score – Top Shorts Online Film Festival 2016
    Official Cinebalu Screening Selection – Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival 2016
    Merit Award – International New York Film Festival 2016
    Best Foreign Short Film – Ukrainian International Short Film Festival 2016
    Winner: Best Director – Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection: Best Film – Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection: Best Cinematography – Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection: Best Actor – Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection: Best Story – Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    Official Selection – Toronto Film Week 2016
    Official Selection – DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2016
    Rising Star Awards (Foreign Film) – Canada International Film Festival 2016
    Special Jury Mention – Promofest Short of the Year 2016
    Official Selection – Venice Film Week 2016
    Official Selection – Sydney World Film Festival 2015
    Finalist – Canada Shorts Film Festival 2015
    Official Selection – Kiwi International Film Festival 2015
    Official Finalist – London Film Awards 2015
    Official Selection – #TOFF The Online Film Festival 2015
    Official Selection – SPFW Indie Film Festival 2015
    Official Selection – Los Angeles CineFest 2015
    Official Selection – US Hollywood International Film Festival (USHIFF) 2015
    Official Selection – The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF) 2015
    Official Selection – Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2015

Welcome Home Tour!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the day. My wife and I will be heading back to Ohio for the Zac Brown Band concert tonight. For those of you who are new here, my wife entered a Facebook contest and won two tickets to one of the shows. We took a trip Monday to grab them and tonight is the night!

I have a company physical at 3pm this afternoon. From there I will be picking up my little buddy and bringing him home. With any luck my mom will be there so we can leave. We will be cutting it close when we finally get there.

We are both pretty excited. She is excited that she won something, and that it is something she has always wanted. I’m just excited that I have something to do, and good music to listen to.

I’ll report back Monday with a concert/weekend post. Depending on the content I may make two posts. Who knows haha.

I’ll see you all then, enjoy your weekend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

SoloLearn App Review!

Hey Everyone!

Back again with another review. I’ll be mixing it up a bit with this one. It is an app review, the first one I have attempted. Bare with me and enjoy.

I was at work the other day tinkering with different parts of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) trying to help my co-worker get e-mail signatures to work correctly. When work let out I went home. My office is in the attic and my baby and wife need my help on the first floor of our home. I still had HTML on my mind and thought to myself, “I bet there is an app for this.” There was. The app is called ‘SoloLearn’ and is free to download.


Once you download it you choose the language that interests you, you can change it anytime. I chose HTML and it brought me to my ‘Activity Feed.’ As you can see there is a leveling system based on how much you complete.


Navigating through this interface is simple. The next screen shot I have is for the ‘Q&A’ section of the app. This allows you to ask and get your own questions answered, without having to go else where to find things out.


Another section is the ‘Code Playground’ where you can practice coding right here in the app.


Next they have a ‘Play’ section that allows you to start challenges.


Lastly, you have a ‘Learn’ section, where you do just that. Since I chose HTML you can see that it is HTML based. You can clearly see that I have completed the Overview and that I am currently working on the Basics. You may also notice the ‘Take A Shortcut’ button, this allows people to skip ahead if they already know some of what they want to learn. You can take a short quiz and skip sections if you answer them correctly.


At the end you are awarded a ‘Certificate’ of completion. I’m sure it isn’t anything super special but it will make you feel good. From above you saw I was in the Basics section. Below you can see how that is formatted. You go through mini learning sessions that teach you, make you do some code, and then they question you on what you have learned. They are quick so you can definitely learn on the go.


Below you can see just some of the courses they offer.


This is a great little app that has over 1 million downloads. It is rated in the Play Store 4.8/5 and so far all I can do is agree. I will be using this app for the foreseeable future, whether it is for brushing up or starting new. If this app interests you I would recommend that you give it a shot!

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Animal Park & Weekend Update!

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry for not getting a post out yesterday. We had something exciting happen! My wife entered a contest a while back for some Zac Brown Band tickets. In short she won! this being said I had to leave work at noon, pick up the baby, and drive a ways to go pick them up.

First I have to update you on the softball tournament. I hate to say it but we did terrible and I played like crap. I ended up getting frustrated with my personal performance and didn’t have a good time. Once we were out of the tournament I was able to calm down and enjoy watching my brother’s team fight their way to win second place! That is pretty exciting. The food was great and the weather was cooperative.

Back to leaving yesterday. We decided that if we had to make a round trip of 5 hours worth of driving, that we better make it worth our time. We went to an animal park and had a blast. One with the pictures! (This place is amazing)

We were able to feed the camels, water buffalo, deer, elk, zebras, ostrich, and more!

wagon (1)wagon (6)wagon (5)wagon (23)wagon (17)20170821_153815

I had to fight with this camel for my food bucket, as he tried to steal it out of the truck haha.

wagon (27)wagon (29)wagon (14)20170821_15220420170821_15294620170821_15312420170821_153152

Above you will notice that most animals don’t have their upper teeth for safety.

20170821_15321520170821_15323520170821_15345520170821_15372620170821_153555wagon (4)wagon (21)wagon (22)

A ton of Koi fish!

20170821_15340620170821_153342wagon (24)wagon (3)20170821_15404320170821_15405020170821_15412020170821_154421

The baby zebra below is only one week old! How cute. πŸ˜€


Next we hit up the small petting area.


Kangaroo Jack, just chilling waiting for the rain.


One more for fun! Feeding this guy was pretty scary. He went in hard and headbutt my hand each time. lol

After we went and picked up the tickets to the concert and went home. I had little time to get over to the funeral home, when we got in to town. My second family growing up had a loss in the family. We were instructed to wear bright clothing and make it a celebration. She was an amazing lady and she will be sorely missed.

That is all for today, again sorry I missed the post yesterday! I’ll see you back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Industrial Tournament!

Hey Everyone!

Compared to yesterday this post will be short lol.

Today marks the start of the 38th Annual Terry F. Ristau Industrial Memorial Softball tournament! Most people in this area wait all summer for this tournament. There are four divisions, in this slow pitch softball tournament. They have a men’s open bracket, co-ed open bracket, industrial men’s bracket, and lastly an industrial co-ed bracket. In order to be considered ‘industrial’ everyone on your roster must work for the company that your team is based on.

There has been a major shift in how many teams are in each recently. It used to be strictly ‘industrial’. In the past decade they have added the ‘open’ teams. For a while they played together until some very smart people realized it was very unfair. The ‘industrial’ teams had restrictions on who could play, therefor having a very restricted pool of people to choose from. This all while the open teams like the Legions and other clubs could choose anyone from anywhere.

This year there are only 8 ‘industrial’ men’s teams, I am on one. In total I want to say there are about 30+ teams throughout the four divisions. That is pretty impressive for a small city.

My company always rents a pavilion and has food catered each year. We are in for some more good food! Our first game is tonight at 8:30. To make it a little more interesting we play against my brother and his team. We normally play on the same team all year long so we know each other very well. It is rare that we are not on the same team, let alone have the chance to play one another. Usually we get going and end up on different ends of the bracket, but we can’t do that if we start out playing each other haha. To be brutally honest they are a team that consists of people who play all summer, and have played as a team more often. They are proven, so far, as the better team. Good news is, it is slow pitch softball and none of that matters haha. This year we have a couple summer help kids playing and a strong team. I think we can take them!

I will be pitching for the second year in a row, and really hope I don’t catch a line drive to the face or family jewels! It is a real possibility, but should be able to be avoided. Just the shear small distance the pitcher is away from the batter is scary, then you have a big yellow ball hurling back at you.

The last two years haven’t been good to us as a team, but we have also struggled to get guys to sign up. the first year I was with this company they didn’t even think they would have a team. To make matters worse we couldn’t hire summer help because we had a downturn in sales. We won 2 games and lost 2 games that year. Last year we had a better team but worse luck. We only won 1 game and lost the next 2. This year I have more optimism than both of the prior years. We have a few young studs and the remaining good guys on our team. With only 8 teams in the bracket this year we may have a fighting chance. Who knows!

That is all for me, I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend! I’ll see you all again Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I’m Back! (Reunion Update)

Hey Everyone!

Let me start by saying that this could easily fill a whole weeks worth of posts. It won’t because then I would have to spend waaaayyyy too much of my time splitting it all up haha.

So, I’m back from my week long family reunion, and boy did I have a great time! I think I overheard that the total number of people in attendance this year was around 90-95. That makes for a ton of good conversation, and a busy week. I got there one night before it started and helped with some last minute prepping. There were only a handful of us there then. One of the last things we needed to do was shop for the first two days worth of food. To make it harder we had to make sure that all foo and gluten allergies were taken into account. Here is the food receipt for the first two days lol.

round one of reunion food ~ whoa!!.jpeg

You really don’t want to know how much that came to haha.

To get a decent lay of the land here are a couple pictures showing where most people were staying:


It is just a huge yard that we turned into a motel.

As people would arrive they could take the golf cart and trailer to unload their stuff for the week.

peace dude.jpeg

I had mentioned before that we had a few (understatement) kids coming. I can now tell you that off the top of my head there were more than 15 kids under the age of 10!


Sometimes you party too hard haha!

mini donuts for silassilas having fun in sand & water table

Now if these pictures haven;t got you asking what are they doing in some of these I don’t know what will! Throughout the week there were games everyday. Some of the games were for kids only ( I played), some were for adults, most were for both. Our daily guideline board looked like this each day:


Each day as split up and this was posted where we ate, in and off of the garage. With that many people we had birthdays each day!

Some of the activities were physical, others mental, and most of all very fun!

As you saw the kids played twister, well so did we!


I’m there in the camo hat with the black shirt. I didn’t last very long haha. They guy in the green hat filming is my cousin who lives in Santa Barbara California. He is a film maker. He is putting together a short film about being here during the reunion, so he was everywhere as well.

Sometime during the week we also played a yard sized game of Memory, and had some scavenger hunts.


That is me out there pointing. I was having a few of the kids help me with my guesses.


When that was all said and done my team won by one pair! Go Pink Team!

The first ‘hunt’ was to match items in nature to the color swatches, it was a lot harder than we all thought. Here is what we gathered.


Not bad! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The next one involved finding clues to a puzzle leading you to other clues. It was as tough as it sounds as well.


The finished image relates to the layout of where we were.

We had a relay race at some point and then played my favorite game of the week, Human Foosball!


There was some ‘Skip-It’ action, Hula Hoops, and jump roping!


The Foosball games were intense and fun. You had to hold on to the piece of PVC pipe and not let go. It was on rope just like the little guys in a Foosball table. First one to five wins!


My team won and then I helped the little kids play after. Those pictures are up with the kids. When you could find a bit of down time people played cards.


A little backstory is needed for this next activity. Months before the reunion we were asked to fill out a questionnaire. It was filled with questions like, what is you best advice, name a fact about yourself, etc… Well they turned it into a matching game. We all huddled up and tried to match the person to the answer! A lot of work went into that and it was fun to play. My best advice was to “Smell your milk” lol. Boy I’m special.


I’m sure you have all seen things in the news about people painting rocks and hiding them in parks for people to find. Some are inspirational others are just spreading happiness. Well during the whole week we had a station dedicated to painting rocks, with a hashtag on the back for the reunion. We had everyone take theirs home with them and spread them around. We hope that we see the rocks again when people find them, by following the hashtag.


The kids dyed some shirts:


A handful of the girls found a spot in the woods and made “‘Bear Camp’. We then made a thing out of it and showed everyone!


Since this whole event is because of my great grandparents, we are fairly big into genealogy. My one cousin created a nice slideshow presentation covering some of that early history. he was able to present it four different times to different crowds throughout the week.


Above is my little Everett, who is named after the guy below. His great great grandfather!


It is really interesting to still have people alive at this reunion that can fill in some minor details that you would otherwise never get. Four of the remaining six children are still with us today. That being said there are some that couldn’t be with us and those of us who like that sort of thing, go to the cemeteries around to look for old relatives.


This last picture is of my great grandfather’s, grandfather! This was the headstone that we were looking to find! Mission accomplished haha.

Nearing the end of this post I swear!

What family reunion would be complete without food and fires!?! We had great homemade food all week and treats from the Amish. We were also surprised to have a mini doughnut truck there one day!


This was the first and most healthy breakfast I had. It was all downhill from there lol.


Here we have the popcorn and cotton candy machine!


These were pastries made by an Amish woman my great aunt Jackie knows. They were better than this picture could ever capture!


We had a make your own pizza bar!

Then on to the doughnuts:


We could choose from powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate! Again, absolutely delicious. Straight out of the fryer and into your mouth!

And the fires!


At the end of the week my dad was awarded with the MVP trophy and instantly awarded it back to my cousin who helped organized this whole reunion!


And the remainder of the pictures fit in no category, so I’ll just post them here. Great family fun, and love everywhere you turned!


Look close and see a Hummingbird Moth! πŸ˜€

20170814_13424620170814_202044andrew, emily and adopted webb the kittenIMG_1685IMG_1701IMG_1780IMG_1839IMG_1960IMG_2042IMG_2207IMG_2222IMG_2240IMG_2262IMG_2265IMG_2288IMG_2301IMG_2318IMG_2328IMG_2453IMG_3299IMG_3373IMG_3384keri ann and adelaide 11months

I know this post was the biggest thing you have ever seen on this site! If you are still with me here thank you for looking! You deserved more cookies than I ate this past week haha. I am back and hope to see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€