Potter Fest 2017

Hey Everyone!

We had a very busy Saturday. We went to a “Potter Fest” in a small town. It was a couple hour drive, but it was a great day.

There were little shops throughout the town that had some Harry Potter themed items. The bars and wineries had themed drinks. Some of the shop workers dressed up as witches and wizards. Other vendors had tents out with activities for children. Here a some pictures of the event:


These guys went all out. They had taps with themed drinks, right outside.


Here they had a tent set up where you could craft your own wand and get your face painted.


Afterwards we stopped at a restaurant called “My Brother’s Place” It is a pretty decent sized place right in Grove City.Β  It was really country themed with a ton of rough cut wood on the walls. We chose to sit out side for a few reasons. We didn’t want our kid to ball his eyes out inside, it was a beautiful day, and we wanted to check out their deck.


I ordered a sandwich called “Kinda like a Philly.” It was a cheese steak with cheddar cheese, onions bacon, and fried pepperoni. The pepperoni threw me for a bit but it was ultimately a good meal. They also had Bud Light for $1 all day everyday. You can’t beat that price haha.


Soon after we headed out to our work bee, to prepare for the up coming family reunion!

Thanks for reading/looking! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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