Company & Birthday Surprise

Hey Everyone!

My co-worker is finally back from his trip to Europe, and things may be getting back to normal, as soon as next week!

Yesterday we had a ‘Cost of Living’ meeting. In this meeting we go over what we project the rates to be for the year and they decide whether or not we get an increase to meet those standards. Well we found out that we will all be getting a 1.75% increase to keep up with the predicted trend! That’s a pretty decent increase. That will be more than a few hundred dollars added to our pay yearly.

We also officially welcomed our newly acquired company, J Tech! They were here with some of their highway safety trucks and what not. We also got some sweet shirts and hats for taking them on!


Here is their, pretty cool brand video!

When I got home I noticed that the last piece of my wife’s birthday present had arrived. Instead of make her wait until her birthday, which is when I will be at my reunion, I let her open those gifts last night. 😀 (Don’t mind our non renovated basement)


I bought her a back drop stand, clamps for the back drops, 5 different backdrops, two lights, and a reflector. When we do start work on our basement, this room will be white and outfitted for photography. My wife will be able to ave a small home studio in there.

Since she goes back to work Monday I wanted her to be able to have this before then as well. I would say she liked it because these are the photos I was sent earlier today. 😀


So it looks like he will be her test subject and her little “Potter Head” for a while.

Here at work I am busy setting up PC’s, ordering stock for the coming months, and catching up with my co-worker on all things, work related and trip related.

I hope you have enjoyed your stay with me today and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “Company & Birthday Surprise”

    1. She has always wanted a home studio and I never knew if we would have the room. I hope to finish that room first once we waterproof the basement and paint everything white. She would like to start taking more senior pictures around our area.

      They are a small company, and they spent a good amount of time on making that video kinda ‘badass’ it works haha.

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