Chester Bennington 1976-2017

Hey Everyone!

I was going to figure out how to write some stuff about my day today, but it is more fitting to speak about the death of Chester Bennington. For those of you who don’t know Chester, he is/was the lead vocals for the band Linkin Park. They have been a huge influence on my musical taste throughout the years. Simply it is sad and unexpected.

It has been noted that Chester did struggle with drugs and alcohol. Chester was found in his home yesterday at nine in the morning. He had hung hung himself. He left behind a wife and six children from two marriages.

I am very open about my thoughts on suicide, and every time I reevaluate it its still the same. I don’t believe anyone should commit suicide, ever. That is my opinion and I understand that people feel differently. Again, that is ok as well, not everyone thinks the same. I do understand that people all go through things differently, are afraid to show weakness and get any sort of help, or simply get in so deep they think they don’t have any other options. I understand why people commit suicide, that’s not what I have an issue with. I  have an issue with the stigma of being weak for seeking help. I have a problem with the systems in place. I have a real problem with the way people are treated in general in this world. Those are my biggest issues regarding suicide as a ‘topic’ of discussion. I can’t help but think, if there is a different world, there isn’t even a word for suicide, because it doesn’t happen. A guy can dream can’t he?

You know when you see people in the lime light die for any reason, and you shrug it off? Then there are times when you really get hit hard by it? This is one of those occasion for me. Chester and Linkin Park have been a huge influence on millions of people, on many different levels. I hope they know the impact they have had on so many lives. He will be sorely missed. I wish this all played out differently.

I never knew the band as Xero, their old name, but I did know of them as Linking park from day one. Hybrid Theory is still one of my favorite albums to this day.  That came out in the year 2000. I was in middle school at the time and like any child, I was impressionable. They came out very edgy and relateable. As I grew up so did they. Their musical style changed with the changes of the world. They played what they loved, and didn’t lock themselves in a single genre. While I don’t love all of their newer stuff like I did when I was younger, I can appreciate it!

For those of you who wish to watch a few of my favorite Linkin Park videos I’ll post them below:



(2003) (Numb was 2003, the Collision Course was a mash up in 2004) AMAZING!

(2017) See what I mean by an evolutionary group!?





That’s just a few. You can really see their range throughout the years! It is incredible. Again, gone too soon, no matter the reason, too soon……….


6 thoughts on “Chester Bennington 1976-2017”

  1. My son was a fan of this group. This is a tragic death. As for suicide I think it is not a rational decision made by a person in their right mind. Depression is a mental illness and those suffering from it kill themselves because they believe it is the only way out of pain and the best thing for the other people in their lives.

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    1. They are/were a great group. They had their own style that’s for sure. I agree wholeheartedly, like I mentioned It is just a shame that there is such a stigma on mental health. People try to hide, for fear that they will be looked down upon it they ask for help.


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