Interesting Tips & Tricks!

Hey Everyone!

The only good thing to come from today is the day itself! It is Friday and I have found myself with nothing to post. I have done some digging and found a few fun tips and tricks, that some of you may have learned in school, boy/girl scouts, etc…

Here we go!

First up we have how you can determine the number of days in a given month, with just your fist.


This one is simple! If the month falls on the top of a knuckle it is 31 days, if it falls between knuckles it is 30. Of course the exception to that rule is February, but it still falls between a knuckle.

The next one wouldn’t probably be used frequently at all, but I love me some Roman numerals!


Using the first letter of each word in the phrase you can remember the numerals up to 1000. I have seen this implemented with a different phrase, obviously you can change the words to your liking.

ThisΒ  next one I learned a long time ago.Β  Using this technique you can multiple by 9 quickly.


Hold those hands out and and bend the finger that corresponds with the number you are multiplying by 9. Count the fingers before it, that is your first number. Count the fingers after it, that is your last number. Boom, done!

This next one is a close estimate of the main angles one might use daily.


By spreading your fingers as much as you can you can determine the relative angle of what ever you are working on. The pinky finger is always laid on the bottom, horizontal to the ground. So the angle between your pinky finger and middle finger is roughly a 45 degree angle. Pretty neat!

Lastly, we can determine the time of the sunset using our fingers.


All you have to do is stretch your arm out as far as you can, and count the number of fingers that fit between the sun and the horizon.

One last thing before I go. I mentioned my birthday is this weekend. I will be playing softball Sunday and going out to eat with my family to celebrate. Also Saturday, I have an Ingress picnic, that I can’t wait to go to!

I hope you enjoyed these little tips and tricks. You might just be able to use some of them in the future!

That’s all for me today. I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€




12 thoughts on “Interesting Tips & Tricks!”

  1. Happy Birthday! You are another year wiser which explains all the helpful strategies! I’ve seen the knuckle thing for the months but I think I had forgotten that one…I also used a similar one some time ago. It was the months but more like the word phrase of your Roman numerals–that one played with my head! I used to teach my students the finger thing with the 9’s time tables. I also had some other tricks up my sleeve.


  2. The sunset one blew my mind, it’s brilliant. I’m a huge fan of the 9 times table trick, it’s very handy. And I’m going to use the knuckle trick to remember the amount of days in a month, that one always baffles me.


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