Catching Up!

Hey Everyone!

Another long day at work yesterday. Working through break and straight up until the bell. I’ll hopefully get this one out early before the ‘storm’ hits again today haha. Saturday, long time ago I know, my wife and I took a day for ourselves. It was much needed and a good way to relax. We left town and spent the day together. I mean we brought the kid too but hes ok 😀

We were able to go out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse, which was delicious! We kept the day going by going to Hobby Lobby, which is a black hole. They have the best home decor stuff and we tend to spend hundreds of dollars every time we go haha. We bought vases, picture frames, and a nice lamp for our end table. Further down the road we hit up the local Barnes and Noble, where my wife picked up a first year pregnancy book and I got a few more Funko Pop Vynls. To round out the day we stopped at Babies ‘R Us and picked up a few things, most importantly a baby carrier. You know like the strap you to my chest kind. 😀

Sunday I had two softball games. We won the first one and lost the second. It was annoying a little bit, because we were down a guy and still almost won, so I can’t help but think if we had another guy we would have won easily. Oh well, its just a game for fun right?

Lets see, my wife bought photos for the frames we bought and they came in last night. I had the ‘privilege’ to hang them all up last night haha. Here are a couple different angles of the frames and photos we bought. 😀 😀


Oooh and you can see the lamp we picked up in the last photo! 😀 Woo!

Today I have a meeting with our UPS rep, and will be swapping out some PCs today. It is looking like another busy day. It is also pouring down rain here today, I’m pretty sure it rained all night as well. I’m really hoping we don’t get any flooding in the basement today. Fingers crossed! I hope you enjoy your Hump Day! To wrap it up here is my dinosaur!



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