Hey Everyone!

I didn’t forget to post yesterday, I literally didn’t have a free second. My co-worker is in Italy for three weeks, and I’m pretty sure everyone lost their crap yesterday lol. It was non-stop action and every time I thought I had a chance to quickly get something out I couldn’t.

This is all ok, I mean I am at work and what not. I just want to let you all know that the posts in these coming three weeks may be scattered. I can run you though some of what what was going on at work yesterday if you care to read haha.

I got to work and was hit by a few people at the damn door haha. I quickly helped them and got to my office. I was called by our Inventory office and brought down their replacement PC. I had everything up and running, and thought we were good. That was until they told me that they used this ‘other’ software. I tried for three hours to get it to work, only to have them eventually tell me that they did not use it. Soooo, no matter what I was going to try it wouldn’t have worked anyway lo. That was aggravating. That brought me to lunch, which I ate quickly and started working on the new Shipping department PC. Once getting so far on it I had to call our UPS rep and set a time for them to come in and help me integrate the old data to the new PC. that is happening tomorrow morning. Next on the list I had our main electric maintenance guy get a hold of me to help get outdoor readings from out thermometers. I’m pretty sure it was for the HVAC system but I’m not entirely sure haha.  I then re-wrote up some documentation, which had been re-worked a few times. Lastly I was asked to find a way to see who modified a certain file at a given time, which I couldn’t do for previous incidents, but I can do now. I added auditing to the directory on the server, so that in the future, I can see who modifies files in a certain folder.

Summing it up in a paragraph, may take away from how long that all took but it was non stop haha. I might be ale to squeeze a post ou later today, but I’m not sure yet. Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for no post yesterday! 😀 😀


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