Well I Guess It’s Thursday Already!

Hey Everyone!

Things have just started getting back to normal around here. After that long four day holiday weekend I had it was all starting to jumble together. As I straighten myself back out I come to find out the week is almost over again haha. I’m not complaining, trust me!

Over the weekend I forgot to put my garbage out, whoops. I contacted the company and they are going to let me put all my trash out this next week. I was glad they weren’t going to charge me any extra.

I have decided that I an going to enroll in the PA 529 college investment account for Everett. I spoke with our human resources department again today and got some more details. Heck, I even called them up and asked the government workers about it haha. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go with the guaranteed plan or the investment plan.Ā  At first I was leaning towards the guaranteed one, for that very reason, but the more I thought about it I wanted a little bit more control. I had also heard that if tuition increased too much that the rates would not be match. That is the opposite of what it should be. So to be more proactive I will set up an aged based investment plan, much like a 401K, but for college. You are allowed to change the plan twice a year and have a $18 fee for maintenance each year. Not bad. My goal is to fund 100% of my sons schooling, so I better start investing!

Last night we met with the lady who will be watching our kid when my wife goes back to work. We sat with her and her husband for over two hours, just shooting the shit. She is very grandmotherly, and has a very tailored group of kids. Most of the children she watches are children of doctors and other prestigious titles. Generally they are just more reliable in her experiences. That sits well with us, because the more our child is around well behaved kids the better haha. She makes them meals when they are old enough and has a schedule that is super flexible. I’m pretty sure they are both retired from their careers, and just do this for the fun of it. It is nice to know that they really care and aren’t in it for just the money, since they don’t really need it.

That is about everything that has happened other than work, in the last 24 hours! I hope you are having a great day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Friday! So fast! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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