Saturday Work Bee

Back Again!

After we left the Potter Fest we headed to the work bee!

My work for the after noon was to refinish these three chairs. I gave them a fresh coat of blue!


Here we have our solar lights getting a good charge, and the tent up for dining. We serve the food out of the garage all week.


Here is a sneak peak of everything in that big back yard!


We have my cousin repainting some chairs for the 11 children under 6 years old, coming this year!


My dad was tasked with pressure wash all the old tables and chairs.


My mother was cleaning some of the many toys and play things. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


Here is a shot of just how big the yard is. We will all camp out around the perimeter.


Sunday we stayed home all day and hung out with our baby. My wife had to go back to work today so she wanted to just stay home and snuggle him, and that’s what she did! I woke up and eventually made a good hearty breakfast! I made us some scrambled eggs with pepper and onion, as well as bacon, bagels and homemade hash browns.


Lastly here is my boy on his first day going to his daycare! It has been a big day full of emotion.I dropped him off this morning and will see how it all went after work! šŸ˜€


Thanks for sticking around! I’ll be back tomorrow! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


Potter Fest 2017

Hey Everyone!

We had a very busy Saturday. We went to a “Potter Fest” in a small town. It was a couple hour drive, but it was a great day.

There were little shops throughout the town that had some Harry Potter themed items. The bars and wineries had themed drinks. Some of the shop workers dressed up as witches and wizards. Other vendors had tents out with activities for children. Here a some pictures of the event:


These guys went all out. They had taps with themed drinks, right outside.


Here they had a tent set up where you could craft your own wand and get your face painted.


Afterwards we stopped at a restaurant called “My Brother’s Place” It is a pretty decent sized place right in Grove City.Ā  It was really country themed with a ton of rough cut wood on the walls. We chose to sit out side for a few reasons. We didn’t want our kid to ball his eyes out inside, it was a beautiful day, and we wanted to check out their deck.


I ordered a sandwich called “Kinda like a Philly.” It was a cheese steak with cheddar cheese, onions bacon, and fried pepperoni. The pepperoni threw me for a bit but it was ultimately a good meal. They also had Bud Light for $1 all day everyday. You can’t beat that price haha.


Soon after we headed out to our work bee, to prepare for the up coming family reunion!

Thanks for reading/looking! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Hello Friday!

Hey Everyone!

We made it! Friday is here again, and we can sail into the weekend. As you may know my weekend will consist of a few different events.

First we will be heading to a Harry Potter Festival on Saturday. This will be a fun way to get out and about. My wife loves the Harry Potter series and So do I. Last night we watched the first movie to prep for the big day haha. We have to expose our son early lol. Here is the, for the lack of a better word, stuff for it:



The forecast is looking good and we are as ready as we can be! I can’t wait.

From there we have to travel most of the way home and meet my family for a work bee. Our family reunion is approaching fast. Remember it is a week long and fun for everyone! We have a ton of stuff that needs to get done, like moving camper, cleaning toys for the little ones, yard work, etc… We hope to get a lot done this weekend with that. It will be the 10th through 16th that I will be gone. I am ready for a full week off! šŸ˜€ I can’t wait for my family to meet baby Everett, he is named after the guy who started this reunion so it is pretty special. My great grandfather Everett and his wife are the focal point and trickling down from that is who comes to this event. If that makes sense haha.

Depending on what we can handle there may be another event we go to this weekend. I’m not sure if we will have time, or be up for it physically, but maybe! If we go I’ll be sure to snap some pictures! šŸ˜€

That’s all from me on this fine Friday. Ihave a busy day, but should be able to get most of my stuff done by the end of the day! I’ll see you all again on Monday! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Company & Birthday Surprise

Hey Everyone!

My co-worker is finally back from his trip to Europe, and things may be getting back to normal, as soon as next week!

Yesterday we had a ‘Cost of Living’ meeting. In this meeting we go over what we project the rates to be for the year and they decide whether or not we get an increase to meet those standards. Well we found out that we will all be getting a 1.75% increase to keep up with the predicted trend! That’s a pretty decent increase. That will be more than a few hundred dollars added to our pay yearly.

We also officially welcomed our newly acquired company, J Tech! They were here with some of their highway safety trucks and what not. We also got some sweet shirts and hats for taking them on!


Here is their, pretty cool brand video!

When I got home I noticed that the last piece of my wife’s birthday present had arrived. Instead of make her wait until her birthday, which is when I will be at my reunion, I let her open those gifts last night. šŸ˜€ (Don’t mind our non renovated basement)


I bought her a back drop stand, clamps for the back drops, 5 different backdrops, two lights, and a reflector. When we do start work on our basement, this room will be white and outfitted for photography. My wife will be able to ave a small home studio in there.

Since she goes back to work Monday I wanted her to be able to have this before then as well. I would say she liked it because these are the photos I was sent earlier today. šŸ˜€


So it looks like he will be her test subject and her little “Potter Head” for a while.

Here at work I am busy setting up PC’s, ordering stock for the coming months, and catching up with my co-worker on all things, work related and trip related.

I hope you have enjoyed your stay with me today and I’ll see you tomorrow! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

One Man Army

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I wasn’t able to get a post out yesterday. I was off at our second location all day long doing PC upgrades and had to make myself leave at the end of the day because I still wasn’t done. Which you can now figure out I am still very busy. I have about a hundred things to do today. The good news is that I have been rolling right through them all, but there are more still haha. I have been taking on all of the networking and general PC issues for three weeks and hitting them all head on. Hence my title haha.

Since I may or may not be able to get other posts out this week I’ll fill you in on my Saturday plans. I’m excited for both things we are doing. First we will be going to a Harry Potter festival thingy. It is an all day event and they turned their town into a replica Diagon Alley from the books/movies. They will have shops set up for face painting and wand making. The bars are set up to serve Butterbeer, and more! We are pumped. From there we are headed to my cousin’s farm land to help them set up for the ever approaching family reunion!! There is a work bee Saturday and we will be moving things and cleaning to get ready for the big week! I love this reunion, and everything it stands for, I can’t wait.

I will be sure to take pictures at both so you can see how amazing it all really is.Ā  šŸ˜€

Since this is short and yesterday was non-existent here are some pictures of my smiley baby!


He is a real piece of work, but how can you resist this face!?! He is now smiling, a lot, and making little baby noises all the time. He got his first round of shots yesterday and was not as happy as he looks in these pictures, but is recovering nicely.

I hope to see you all back again tomorrow, hopefully! Thanks for stopping by. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

What A Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend, I know I did.

Friday after work the family and I went back to our college town for the night. Before we checked into our hotel we had to stop at the Sunset Grill for some great food, by the lake.


I got a dish called “Nick’s Pick”. It is Angus beef with sauteed mushrooms, onions, Swiss cheese, and a special sauce.Ā  As you can tell it came on a marble rye toast. It was perfect, just what my stomach wanted!


From there we checked into our hotel and headed back into town. We parked the car by the small pond on campus and took a stroll around our old campus. Here we are at the main sign enjoying the day.


The rest of the night was filled relaxing in the hotel room. We had to be up early the next morning. My wife had to drive about a half hour and be on location for a photo shoot with my aunt’s family by 9am. I on the other hand had a meeting to prepare for at 10am.

I was just about to take my time and hang out in the room for a bit before my meeting, when my wife called me. She was out there taking pictures and she left her fully charged battery on the charger in the hotel room! This was probably because I was helping her get ready and what not and didn’t know what I was to be looking for. I had to run that battery out to her, quickly, and then get back to town for my meeting.

I made it back in time and got there as the campus police were opening the doors to the Alumni House, where our meeting was being held. Once inside we gathered as alumni and started the meeting. I did have to step down as Secretary this year, which is bitter sweet, but it had to be done. With the President ad Vice President absent I was in charge of running the meeting. That was new! As you can see we had a small turn out, partly because our active chapter is no more. We had brothers there as far back as the 70’s which is always nice to see.


Here are just a few shots of the cool things on display at our meeting location.


After the meeting was adjourned I snapped a picture of some of the guys looking through the old college yearbooks. They always have great stories about there time in school.


After the meeting the guys and I got lunch at a local bar, with the best burgers in town! the Empty Keg. Soon after I met up with my wife and we headed home. We quickly realized that our busy day had kept us from noticing that our baby boy was 2 months old Saturday!


That was him being drained from getting carted around all weekend haha.

Sunday morning was relaxing as well, since softball has come to a close. I missed the tournament, and I’m kind of glad I did. There is a family on our team, who had a falling out, to put it nicely. They had to quit the second game, while winning, to end our season. Embarrassing really. We did some house work and watched Netflix all day. Everett was all smiles!


Just a quick update, we finally got an AC unit in the attic and my wife sent me this picture as I was writing this, so why not share it out!


I have been swamped again at work, with my co-worker out for the week, but I’m hanging in there! He will be back I think Friday. That’s all I have, and again I hope you all had a great weekend! I’ll see you back here again tomorrow! šŸ˜€ ;D

Chester Bennington 1976-2017

Hey Everyone!

I was going to figure out how to write some stuff about my day today, but it is more fitting to speak about the death of Chester Bennington. For those of you who don’t know Chester, he is/was the lead vocals for the band Linkin Park. They have been a huge influence on my musical taste throughout the years. Simply it is sad and unexpected.

It has been noted that Chester did struggle with drugs and alcohol. Chester was found in his home yesterday at nine in the morning. He had hung hung himself. He left behind a wife and six children from two marriages.

I am very open about my thoughts on suicide, and every time I reevaluate it its still the same. I don’t believe anyone should commit suicide, ever. That is my opinion and I understand that people feel differently. Again, that is ok as well, not everyone thinks the same. I do understand that people all go through things differently, are afraid to show weakness and get any sort of help, or simply get in so deep they think they don’t have any other options. I understand why people commit suicide, that’s not what I have an issue with. IĀ  have an issue with the stigma of being weak for seeking help. I have a problem with the systems in place. I have a real problem with the way people are treated in general in this world. Those are my biggest issues regarding suicide as a ‘topic’ of discussion. I can’t help but think, if there is a different world, there isn’t even a word for suicide, because it doesn’t happen. A guy can dream can’t he?

You know when you see people in the lime light die for any reason, and you shrug it off? Then there are times when you really get hit hard by it? This is one of those occasion for me. Chester and Linkin Park have been a huge influence on millions of people, on many different levels. I hope they know the impact they have had on so many lives. He will be sorely missed. I wish this all played out differently.

I never knew the band as Xero, their old name, but I did know of them as Linking park from day one. Hybrid Theory is still one of my favorite albums to this day.Ā  That came out in the year 2000. I was in middle school at the time and like any child, I was impressionable. They came out very edgy and relateable. As I grew up so did they. Their musical style changed with the changes of the world. They played what they loved, and didn’t lock themselves in a single genre. While I don’t love all of their newer stuff like I did when I was younger, I can appreciate it!

For those of you who wish to watch a few of my favorite Linkin Park videos I’ll post them below:



(2003) (Numb was 2003, the Collision Course was a mash up in 2004) AMAZING!

(2017) See what I mean by an evolutionary group!?





That’s just a few. You can really see their range throughout the years! It is incredible. Again, gone too soon, no matter the reason, too soon……….

News & Cooking!

Hey Everyone!

I have had another super busy day. I don’t have any exciting news to share. I do want to pump out a post for you though so you don’t think I have abandoned you! šŸ˜€

If you are looking for a good source of daily news and a sweet cooking channel on YouTube I can help you there.

Take a look at my main source of unbiased, conversation invoking news. Philip DeFranco!

And here is is latest video:

I have watched him somewhat religiously for 10 years. He has grown and so have I right along with him.

On to my new favorite guilty pleasure Binging with Babish!

If you are a fan of cooking channels this is one of the best I’ve seen!

Here is his latest video for hitting 1 million subs:

Please enjoy these people since I can’t throw out great content today!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Either Way I Don’t Win!

Hey Everyone!

Another busy day here at work, helping cover for my co-worker who is still out of the country. He will be back at the end of this month.

I ran into a big pickle last night and it is one in which there is no good ending. I mean it’s not too serious, but they are commitments I made and either way I had to break one. You see, after every softball season we have an end of season tournament. It is held two weeks after the season ends. For the last few years that has been perfect for me, because during the one week off I have a Theta Chi Alumni weekend for my fraternity. I have been the secretary for the last three or four years. I have always been able to do both, and plan accordingly. If you can’t see where this is going I’ll fill you in. For some reason this years tournament was moved up so there is no break. I have a tournament Fri-Sun, and a fraternity weekend Fri-Sun. DOH!

Looking ahead to future summers I have realized that I have too many hobbies that all demand attention and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to do everything. For now I have made the (either way) sad choice to bail on the tournament and go to the fraternity weekend. Again, looking ahead I have also reached out and let my brothers know that I will no longer be able to do justice by the secretary position and that I will be stepping down. This leaves me with no responsibility or obligation to go if something like this comes up in the future. So for now, problem solved. Kinda?

This also gets me thinking about the other things that I want to start and wonder if I’ll have any time for. If you remember from my parade post, my grandfather and his friend started the local Zem Zem Hornet chapter, within the Shrine. I have always wanted to drive the Hornet cars. Time is an issue. I now have a growing family, and the practices are every Monday with parades every single Saturday during the summer. This potentially on top of softball every Sunday and weekend long tournaments. As well as potential vacations with family, Masonic meetings, Shrine meetings, and fraternity weekends. I really just don’t have the time, but want to do them all. I can’t possibly have the time to do them all, as the dates and times overlap heavily. I’m quite lost in thought and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. Do I give up starting something I’ve wanted to do as a child? (Zem Zems) Do I stop playing the only sport I can still be competitive in after 10+ years? Do I not start the Zem Zems, and also stop softball to make more time for family activities? I feel like either way I look at it and every angle I take will leave me feeling like something is still missing. hmmm. That sounds much sadder than I think it should haha.Food for thought I guess…I will see how I feel after typing it all up.

Switching gears, last night my wife and I went for a walk since it was so nice out .(finally) I chose to ‘wear’ the baby and walk the dog. My wife is having a harder time wearing him since he is getting bigger and her back still isn’t healed. But here you go, a nice shot of him squished up on my chest haha.


I promise he is very comfortable, somehow. He was in a dead sleep.You can see I had to use my hat on him most of the way because the sun was still out.

We also found that the plants tucked away in a corner are blossoming:


Before we had a fence on the other side these could be seen via the back yard but now you can’t because of the dog fence. It’s kinda sad to see them back there just going to waste but I think my wife will use it as her private reserve of flowers to bring into the house haha.

That’s all from me. I’ll be going to my Alumni events this weekend and hoping my team does well enough to not be mad at me. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Title: The Ridiculous 6 ridiculous-6.jpg

Director: Frank Coraci

Genre: Comedy, Western

Rating: Tv-14

Leads: Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson

Lets see, where to start with this one! Right off the bat I can tell you that it is a typical Adam Sandler movie. If you like the others, you will find this one appealing. If you don’t like his other movies you will probably hate this movie.

Lets talk specifics. The Netflix Original movie is 1 hour and 59 minutes (119 minutes) long. The time frame is decent and if you are into the movie it will fly by. This movie is one of the most well known actor, jammed packed as they come. You can sit on and scroll for a while and still see names you recognize. I’m not sure this movie paid well for anyone, but was more of a fun project. On top of the already mentioned leads you have names like: Will Forte, Steve Zahn, Nick Nolte, Jon Lovitz, David Spade, Danny Trejo, Nick Swardson, Blake Shelton, and Vanilla Ice. Honestly that list keeps going, its incredible how many people they got to be in this movie.

As we look to the plot, you quickly realize, like most of his movies it is loose and only there as a basic structure. To sum it up Tommy (Adam Sandler) is an orphan raised by Native Americans. His dad comes back and then gets taken. The rest of the movie is about him and his newly found five brothers trying to rescue their dad. Again, the movie is really more about the cast and how they interact with each other.

The humor in the movie is ‘stupid’ and ‘childish’, and that isn’t meant in a mean/bashing way. It, at times, is very inappropriate and brash. Other times it is just corny, and you wonder how these movie keep getting funded at all. That being said if you like that sort of humor even a little bit, you will laugh. I’ll be the first to admit that these movies are a nice getaway from everyday life. It is nice to be able to watch a movie and not have to worry about following it too closely. I do like ‘stupid’ humor and I laughed a lot. I mean check out Team Jacob:


It is as random as they come and to see all of these people play parts you never thought they would, it’s pretty amazing.

But, when you turn to the aspect of scoring/rating a movie like this they are always low. Scoring is serious and movies that aren’t taken too seriously on purpose, know they will be ranked low before they even start. As for being a comedy, yes but not well thought out comedy. As for western… takes part in the West, but that’s about it. Again it’s loose, the themes of a western aren’t there but the costumes and what not are. Take it with a grain of salt.

In summary, I laughed. The plot is basic. You never know which actor you will see next, and they all work great together in weird roles. It is your typical Sandler movie and should be treated as such. If I had a choice of never seeing it in the first place or watching it twice, I would watch it again.

That being said movies like this fall flat in the ratings and I would personally give this movie a 4.5/10