Getting Excited For The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Last night was a fairly lazy one. The wife and I went to Taco Bell for dinner and brought it home. We also started watching Fuller House, even though we both really didn’t want to haha.

We weren’t sure we wanted to watch a bad reunion show that would be drug out too long. that being said we started watching anyway lol. It is a neat show and they incorporate things from the original series often. It is 100% cheesy, corny, what have you. But in a way it is cute and still really neat. I am glad they could get most of the cast back together, you don’t see that very often. They even call out the Olsen twins when they can about not signing up to be on the show.

Throughout the night my wife and I cleaned up around the house and put some of our crap away. Things have started to pile up lately, probably from living out of out living room. I was able to clear the dining room table so that you could actually see it! haha.

I am really excited for this weekend, even though I know it will fly by. I can’t wait to head to a wedding, play ball, go to the fireworks and celebrate the 4th! I’m pretty sure we are going kayak/canoeing with my brother and his wife. We are going to go to the Kinzua Dam and go down the Allegheny River. We haven’t been on the river at all this spring/summer so I’m ready to go!

We had another retirement lunch at work today for a guy in the shop. Which means, you guessed it, free lunch! Woo, can’t beat that. We had fried chicken, three bean salad, potato salad, veggies, fruit, and cake! It is a great day when you get free lunch haha.

The rest of the day will be pretty boring. I have to go home and mow my grass, and possibly go for a walk with the dog and the baby. I’m just plugging away waiting for Friday!

That’s all for me! I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow! 😀 😀


5 thoughts on “Getting Excited For The Weekend!”

  1. We hadn’t either until we just finished another serious binge watching series haha. We like to have something on in the background while caring for our baby. It’s a nice show to be ok with falling a sleep, or changing a diaper to lol! 😀


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