EWR Fidget Spinner Review

Hey Everyone!

I’m back again with something different. This will be my first product review on this page. Woo Hoo! I’ll be stealing a page from Reviews By JC haha. As you can tell from the title of today’s post I will be reviewing a fidget spinner made by EWR Products. You can find their store page here. As a disclaimer this is not in any way a paid review. I did not receive this at a discounted price, my wife bought it for me from Amazon. Great, now that that is out of the way, I can continue with the unbiased, honest review.

This is the first and probably only spinner I will have. I’m not sure I need to be collecting them haha. Lets have some pictures. Here we have the decent quality box that it came in. I kept mine so that when I am done with the spinner for good I can still keep it somewhere.


Here we have the spinner itself:


You can see here that it is working with ABEC-9 bearings, which allow it to spin super smooth. I opted for a little bit of color with the blue bearings, but you could have gotten it all black or even white from what I can see.

Next we have a side by side comparison. This is the spinner next to my wife’s iPhone7:


The spinner fits comfortably in your hand, and has nice rounded edges. It fits well in a normal sized men’s pant pocket. Lastly to round out the pictures, we have a table spinning action shot, next to it’s box.


From the time I received this gift I haven’t put it down. In fact I have it sitting on my desk with me this very moment! I have been putting this thing through some thorough testing as well. Before anything I ran time trials; 10 to be exact. To set the scene I did ten table spins, with one flick of my finger. I recorded the times from the flick until the spinner was no longer in motion. With the help of my phone’s stopwatch feature I was able to get fairly accurate results, and here they are:

  • Spin 1: 4:28.54
  • Spin 2: 4:23.03
  • Spin 3: 4:48.35
  • Spin 4: 4:23.68
  • Spin 5: 4:27.52
  • Spin 6: 4:11.96
  • Spin 7: 4:43.68
  • Spin 8: 4:55.92
  • Spin 9: 4:34.40
  • Spin 10: 4:40.95

Quickly you can see that from start to absolute finish it is well over four minutes each time. They advertise that they will spin on average between 1-4 minutes. I rounded the milliseconds to the nearest full second and came up with this average for my ten spins: 4:33.90. That is more than their advertised average. Here is a quick video I made last night, showing it off a bit:

As you can hear, it has a slight whizzing sound when it is spun fast. Other than that it is very quiet.

The last little test I did was more about durability. I have heard that the caps on some spinners fall off easy, as well as the bearings. I wanted to be the judge of that. I dropped this spinner various times on hard wood floors and on carpet. Much to my surprise the concave caps on the middle bearing never budged. They are still on there solid. I did notice that when dropped a few times, that one of the outside bearings was starting to come out a bit. to remedy this all I had to do was give it some good force between my thumb and forefinger, and it popped right back into place. I suppose this is to be expected, since you are able to change out the bearings anytime you want. There is no reason for them to be in there permanently. With anything if you drop it just right it can break. the body of the spinner held up too, there isn’t a scratch on it. I’d say for a $10.99 cent purchase on Amazon it is worth the buy. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting one I feel comfortable recommending this one. Here is a link to the Amazon page where I got mine.

I hope you have enjoyed my first real product review on this page! It was fun to write, maybe I’ll do more in the future. 😀 😀




6 thoughts on “EWR Fidget Spinner Review”

  1. What a wonderful wife to get you that neat little spinner. Great spin times on this one and nice video that shows you definitely have the technique down pat. Thanks for the shoutout and enjoyed reading your well written product review.

    Liked by 1 person

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