A Bit Of Everything

Hey Everyone!

After yesterday’s post I have cleared my head and will be taking the first step to work on some of these projects. Of course, one at a time will be best. The weather is finally cooperating and that will help. The first thing I am going to tackle is my porch and front stairs. I have to finish cementing the steps to make a nice enough 90 degree angle. Following that I will have to sand and paint. Soon after I will be able to lay the new outdoor carpet. I will, with any luck do the cement work tonight after work. I may possibly buy the carpet and double sided tape as well. If everything is on track I should be able to have this all done by the end of this weekend. It will be tough since this weekend is packed with other things to do but we will get it done! This whole thing will make the outward appearance of the house look 100% better. Depending on how much everything is going to cost will dictate what I am able to do after. I might be able to start working on making my own bookcases, one at a time. Maybe I can start on the garage. That way I won’t deplete my home fund in the process.

Work has been pretty slow today, and it makes me feel different things. On the one hand I want to get the heck out of here and be more productive elsewhere, but at the same time it is nice and peaceful. I should have a few more PCs to work on tomorrow and next week, that’ll keep me plenty busy. I think the only thing I have really had to go check out today was a screaming printer. You all know how I feel about those things!

I have been working on learning Python coding. I want to learn some sort of code and really know it. I heard that it is a great started language, but if I don’t use that knowledge I will surely lose it, that’s just how I am. I have been doing well so far, but I have ran into some snags with the code not working itself. So I took a step back from it because it will only get worse if I keep digging for something that isn’t there.

Our masonic degree work went well last night. We were in and out of there in about two hours. It was super hot in there though. We turned the AC on but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. We had enough people there and a few guys on the sidelines which is nice to see. We are taking the months of July and August off for the summer, and will be back at it come September.

That is it for me today. I’ll be back again tomorrow for the Friday post, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “A Bit Of Everything”

  1. Glad you are getting your projects sorted in your head. I think starting with the steps/porch is a good choice. If it helps with curb appeal it will help with the value of your home. Can’t wait to see the photos!

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