New Microsoft Surface Laptop!

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to talk about the new laptop that Microsoft launched that is said to be “your next laptop.” Also why I think its not true at all haha. Here you can watch the corny puff piece that The Verge put out. *Note, I have nothing against The Verge, I love their stuff*

Let me do my best to walk side by side with this video and give you my input.

  • Right way they talk about how this could be the laptop that could make people switch from Apple to Microsoft.
    • I doubt that! With the price point where it is, it is just as expensive, and you will always have people just tethered to a brand.
  • The deck of the laptop is Alcantarta (fabric)
    • This is a neutral point. Just a fact. He states it himself, who cares? In a matter of unspecified time it will get worn and gross. Aluminum is just the better way to go in my eyes. It is purely cosmetic, which if that’s what you want then go for it!
  • The price starts at, a rounded $1,000. He continues by saying that you should splurge and spend the extra $300 + for better specs.
    • That will put you at $1300 for an i5 processor and 8Gb of RAM. Big deal! If you waned the i7, he says about $2200! Also at this price point you could buy your fancy Mac Book.
  • Speakers are under the keyboard
    • Who cares, yet again! You don’t have a laptop because you want to rock out with loud music.
  • The keyboard keys themselves have decent travel and clickiness.
    • That is good, I would want something for myself, that was as close to a mechanical keyboard as possible. I hate typing on laptops when the keys are too low profile.
  • The track pad is fast and accurate.
    • Great, it should be. That is like saying you car goes when you push on the accelerator.

He continues by comparing the looks and what not of the Mac Book Air and the new Microsoft Surface Laptop. They have the same wedge design. The Air has been styling since 2010 and nothing has topped it. (Bull Shit) He continues to call it the king of laptops. (Again Bull Shit) I’m not sure what target audience he is trying to speak with, but in my experience, you can build a far better laptop for under the price points of both. All while still having the functionality and more usable ports. Anyway, I digress. Back to the video!

  • Says it hits the basics of what a laptop should.
    • for over $1, 000 it should be better for more than just that.
  • It has special features like facial recognition, to unlock the computer.
    • That is a cool feature and it is up and coming with changing technology. I’m not sure if that matters when you go to buy the ideal laptop though.
  • Has a touch screen.
    • Blah! Don’t get me started. I know its a crossover tablet, turned laptop, but I don’t want a touch screen until somebody comes up with a way to never smudge a screen. End of story.
  • 7 hours of battery life, while being used. Closer to 9 hours when idle.
    • That is also good. Battery life in general is becoming better and better.
  • Boasts a big screen, with great resolution.
    • I can agree that the 3:2 aspect ratio is neat, and the 2256×1504 resolution is better than most. The screen isn’t big. plain and simple 13.5 inches of screen is normal, its fine, not big.
  • They played it conservative on ports.
    • Why would you do such a thing. Is that the hipster way? this guy in the video agrees with me on this. They don’t have any newer USB-C connectors (which is still running at USB 3.1 speeds) and only have 1 USB-A port on the laptop. There is another one one the power adapter, but why the heck would you want that? There is a mini display port you most likely won’t you and a surface connector for power. I do like that they kept the surface connector!
  • It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 S as an operating system.
    • Like he states most people will just upgrade to the full blown, free, Windows 10 Pro. The Windows 10 S OS is locked down to only allow you to run apps from the Microsoft store, much like Apple products. But, unlike the App Store, the Windows Store still sucks….bad. Let me quickly say that it runs better in this lock down OS because it is managing its resources better. Once you move to the full blown 10 Pro OS you will want more than 8Gb of RAM.

In the end he recommends it. I can agree that it is different, and would be a fun laptop for a short time. I wouldn’t say that it is great by any means. I also wouldn’t say it would have people jump ship on Apple. It is overall a good laptop that will be a stepping stone to the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this tech news/video review. I haven’t really done anything like it before. It was kind of fun. I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀


12 thoughts on “New Microsoft Surface Laptop!”

  1. I have a touch screen on my laptop. While it requires much cleaning, it does make me look less dumb when I go to touch something on it, like it’s my phone or tablet. When I didn’t have the touchscreen and went to touch it, I just looked like the person who had no idea you can’t touch a computer screen like it’s your phone. Now, I can totally be like, yup. That’s a touchscreen (at least until five minutes later, when I attempt to touch something on the definitely-not-a-touchscreen second computer screen on my desk).

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  2. I have an ideapad that came with window 10, I paid to convert it to window 8. It has dual function of touchscreen as well as use the mouse. I just use it at home, so I don’t need the latest, fanciest… When I was working, I had a laptop custom made that had all kinds of functions. I think I only used a few percent of the functions. When it has problem, the tech office could remotely log in to my IP address, and remotely fix it. I could see the screen and the pointer doing things but I got log off. So if I have any problem with new laptop and have someone to fix it, I would say, why not. But now, I settle with what I’m comfortable with and don’t need to spend any more money. But I’m sure many people are still finding the newest. Your review is valuable!!

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  3. Very interesting post for a non-techy person like me! I think the fabric on the keyboard area is just weird! It would also be much harder to clean. I’m not in the market for a new laptop, but it was quite interesting!

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