The Boss Baby (2017)

Title: The Boss Baby MV5BMTk2NjI5NzgwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDc4NTA1OTE@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,947,1000_AL_.jpg

Director: Tom McGrath

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Rating: PG

Leads: Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel

I’m not going to lie to you on this one, I didn’t hold much hope for it being a good movie. I’m pretty sure I was correct in my thinking. That being said it wasn’t a terrible movie, it’s just something that I can’t see people liking too much.

The movie is 97 minutes long (1h 37min) and I think it is too drawn out. This is a movie that I checked how much time was left on three separate occasions to see when I would be done watching it. This is clearly from the view point of an adult and not a child, but I am also a huge animation buff. I love cartoon anything as long as there is a good story involved. Children would like this movie because it is animated, it has children in it and silly moments. I can’t help but feel like an animated movie classified as family, has to have something for the adults, that will ultimately be watching with children. That is where I think this movie falls flat. I hope that makes sense. As for the voice actors, they each did a great job. Clearly they are professionals and they play their parts well. You have Alec Baldwin playing the Boss Baby, who is meant to be a businessman so he fits perfectly. The protagonist is Steve Buscemi, playing Francis Francis. The mother and father are played by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel, respectively. Lastly in the big name category you have the brother Tim, and narrator being played by Tobey Maguire.

Lets hear about the plot. I think it is a bit all over the place and they tried to jam too much into it, without developing most of it fully. It really had promise, but missed the mark for me. Anyway, this movie starts out with a happy family of three. Through the eyes of the creative child everything is perfect. One day a baby brother shows up wearing a suit and carrying a brief case. The older brother Tim sees this as odd and suspects that his new baby brother is up to something. He finds out that his brother is really a baby in management sent by Baby Corp, to dig up dirt about the company that Tim’s parents work for, Puppy Co. The basis is that Babies and puppies are competitors, fighting for the majority share of love available in the world. Seems like a great concept that didn’t go into great detail. The rest of the movie is about how the two pair up to stop the plan of the Puppy Co. CEO. Along they way their relationship grows, and evolves.

I thought that they should have played more on theme of the creative child, Tim’s, view of the baby coming into the lives of their family and playing the part of the “boss”, by being so demanding as an infant and needing all of the attention. They did portray it but didn’t develop it. It would have been neat if only through the eyes of Tim, we saw the baby in a suit. But sadly, he was just seen as a baby in a suit the whole time. It didn’t really make sense. There are other times where only Tim knew what was going on and only he saw certain sides of Boss Baby, and that I liked. The movie seemed a bit too jumbled for me and it really didn’t have anything for the older audience. this movie is still cute and well made, production wise. It will catch the eye and mind of some people just not everyone. I also have to disagree with it being placed in the genre of comedy as well. It really isn’t funny, its cute, there is a difference. It has its silly moments but nothing to make you laugh out loud.

To wrap it up the actors are great, and they should be. The production is great like it should be. The plot is there but, the themes are under developed. The audience for this movie would be children under the age of 12, which it is being rated as PG. There is nothing to keep the adults attention. This movie would be great to put on your TV and do house work while your kids watch it alone.

**Disclaimer, before my rating let me list other movies that it is up against in the same genres**

All listed with at least two of the three same genres, followed by their rating:

  • Sing: 7.2
  • The LEGO Batman Movie: 7.5
  • Cars: 7.1
  • Moana: 7.7
  • Zootopia: 8.1
  • The Lion King: 8.5
  • Finding Dory: 7.4
  • Toy Story: 8.3

When you make a movie in these genres you are going up against the greats, and instant classics. That all being said I was not impressed with this movie, and for the genres that it is placed in I would give this movie a 5.9/10





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