National Moonshine Day & Life

Hey Everyone!

This will just be a bit of a life update post, ya know since it is Monday and I don’t have my head on straight.

Kick it off with a shout out to the National Day today. It is National Moonshine Day today, and oddly enough my brother had his honeymoon in Tennessee. He was kind enough to bring me back a pint of Ole Smoky, cinnamon moonshine from the actual Ole Smoky place itself! How awesome is that? The cinnamon is tough for me so I’ll have to mix it with something real good to drink it.


So go out and get you some shine and have it with dinner tonight haha.

Lets see, what has been going on? We had another successful weekend of muddy softball. we had a two hour delay due to the thunderstorms. We didn’t play until 1:30pm. That is a pretty late start to the day. Overall it was a fun day. We ten runned the first team and should have ten runned the second, except we had a little fun and changed up everyone’s positions. We let them get back into the game a bit but then eventually beat them by about 7 runs. I think, at bat, I went seven for eight with two home runs. It was a good hitting day. We wanted to bring the little man down but the weather prevented us from doing so. There is always next weekend!

My wife and I are slowly but surely getting better at this parenting thing. Everett just had his two week doctor appointment today! He is doing well and is where he should be as far as growth is concerned.


My wife and I have been thinking about what project we should tackle next. I think if we can get a good deal for getting our driveway paved we might do that. There are a few minor things that we just keep putting off, that we could do too. It is just going to be a matter of gathering everything up and actually doing it. We could paint the chipped part of our painted steps, paint the outside steps, and use outdoor carpeting on the porch. We would like to have the fence painted too but I’m going to try and find someone to to that for us, it is just too big of a task, and we want it to look good. We  are also looking into having a contractor build us custom bookcases in the attic to finish that out. We want the bookcases to be in a triangle form to fit around a dormer wall and window. I could do it myself but if we ever want to sell the house I would rather have someone who knows what they are doing come in and do that too. So on a scale of sorts I would like the driveway first, then the bookcases, then the fence painted as big projects. All the little ones will just bug me until I can’t stand it anymore haha.

Last night my mom and dad stopped over to see the baby. My wife requested that my mom make some of her Stromboli. It was a great request, it really hit the spot. They hung out for a couple of hours, before heading home.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you! 😀 😀


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