Why I Hate Printers & Why You Should Too!

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t been able to find anything worth while in the news or real world worth mentioning, so I’m coming at you with something a bit different today!

Since I started learning about networks and databases, and really got into this profession there has always been one thing I hate above all else, can you guess what it is?? Printers. I absolutely hate printers. Not just one kind of printer, not just one brand, all printers. Even when they work, I hate them. They have left such a sour taste in my mouth. Anytime they are even mentioned I cringe inside. Today’s post will explore the reasons I hate printers and maybe you can relate.


Printers, although they have seemingly evolved over the years, still seem to be as crappy to deal with from day one! So what do you do when you need/want a printer? You buy one, of course. What should you buy? Everyone says its the best and each one seemingly does the same thing, yet the costs differ greatly. Some do have more functionality, as they can scan and sometime even fax, if that’s still a thing. Don’t get me started on faxing. You eventually pick one based on looks or brand, which ultimately doesn’t matter, it is still going to ruin your life anyway!


You get home or in your office and now are tasked with setting it up. Now I have set up many printers and some have gone smoothly I must admit, but they all should. On paper it is very straight forward, but in real life it never is. You pull it out of the box and may soon realize you don’t have the right cables, so right away you have a physical problem. They usually come with a disk containing drivers or software to set it all up. You should be able to pop it in and be done right? Most times they disk is old and newer software has come out, o not only do you have to install it you have to go search the internet to find the most up to date program.

Once you get it all hooked up and ready to go you have to hope it prints. You have paper in it and go to print those test pages or scan the scan page, and for no reason your brand new printer jams up, and throws you n error message. Not only do you not know how your new printer works, but its giving you issues from moment one. You finally figure it all out and now you already hate it. It works well for a while, but you have trained yourself to hate the way it sounds. That sounds weird but it is like hearing those certain people you can’t stand, talking about anything. So over time you grow to hate it even when it is working.


Seemingly not much time has passed and all of a sudden you get streaky prints, maybe they are faint. Depending on whether or not you have a color printer you may be low on other toner. You think no big deal, but that went fast. You run to the store only to find out that even the black ink is $30. If you have color go ahead and double it! Some printers won’t even let you print if one color is low. Say you have blue, but not yellow. That’s fine right? Wrong. Since you don’t have yellow good luck printing that blue sky photo.


All of that being said, one of the worst things is that it only seems to goof up when you really need it. Isn’t that always the case? You ahve a big paper due for school, or you have a report you need for a meeting and it decides then is a perfect time to jam up or give you an error that you can’t decipher. Why does it seem like a device that works along side computers would have such a hard time communicating with them? if I had an answer to that I’d tell ya.


Those are just some of the reasons that most people might go through. There are plenty of other reasons to hate printers. Here I’ll list some more:

  • Driers will go out of date.
  • Connectivity will go out with wired or wireless printers.
  • Some of the interfaces on the printer are impossible to navigate.
  • If you decide that it is time to call tech support about your printer, you will find them to be the most unhelpful people on the planet.


See what I mean? haha. I mean I know I’ve been hard on printers today, but if we didn’t have a need for them we wouldn’t have them. So far in this world they are a necessary evil. I see them going away soon. With the advances in tablets, messaging, and portable scanning, we may not need printers soon. We have plenty of ways to file things electronically and back them up. Sure it will still be nice to have pictures printed but lets leave that to the professionals. Make them deal with it.

To be honest I haven’t had any printer trouble today. This post isn’t sparked by anything, its just something most everyone can relate to. Comment below about your printer woes, I’d love to read about them. I know I’m not the only one haha.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! Have a great day! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “Why I Hate Printers & Why You Should Too!”

  1. :-O So it’s NOT just me they hate!?
    Sometimes when we print from work (and we have multiple printers) we have to run around and find out what printer our stuff went to since it did NOT go to the one we tried to print to! Also, there’s the whole waiting to warm up thing that takes your time from nano seconds to macro minutes!

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  2. OWO I know right. This one time I had to print up a Social Studies assignment and my printer wasn’t working so I had to use my mom’s ancient one. It wasn’t a wireless so I had to plug it in and then have it download (?!) onto my laptop. As soon as I got it setup I went to print it out and got an error message that the printer was out of green ink. The entire assignment was in black. My mom had to then go and spend 50 bucks on a green ink cartridge.

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  3. Lol oh good I thought I was the only one! The drivers oh gosh I was on the phone for so long with HP one time over this. I was convinced that I’m cursed…the printer works at the most insignificant times but the minute I desperately need something super important….it decides to turn on me.. one time I snuck onto the local community college campus to print some documents I needed to mail lol!

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