Someone Got Married!

Hey Everyone!

Aside from my baby boy being born on the 22nd, my brother got married on the 27th. I had the honor of being his best man, which scares the crap out of me haha.

Friday we ran through the framework of the wedding and that is when it hit me that it was all happening. My brother has been reserved his whole life and only speaks to a select few people, by choice. I’m glad he found someone to help him open up a bit more and allow him to start a family and settle down.

After we ran through everything at the church we went to the reception hall and had a dinner in the basement of the men’s club.


There is a nice bar down there and they have a two lane bowling alley down there too! They served a nice buffet style meal of, red potatoes, salad, chicken bites, BBQ chicken breast, and a casserole. Midway through my brother brought all of us grooms men boxes with our ties in them and a small knife. I didn’t get a picture of the knife, but it is a black blade with a wooden handle. Our names are engraved on the side, and it comes in a nice little case that fits on a belt loop.


When everything was said and done I ran back home to be with my little one and my wife.

Then next day was the big day! We met up at 12:30 or so and got dressed at the church. By 2pm the ceremony was starting, and before we knew it we were walking out in front of all of our family and friends. The ceremony was sweet. There were a few nice prayers and a mixing of unity sand, before they were announced as a married couple.



After the wedding we rode around in a big ol’ limo and got some pictures around town. There are more being edited I’m sure, but the the last two and this one are all that are here now.


The photographer did a great job and was easy to work with. She is a friend of the bride and that helped. We were taking pictures for a long time and some of the people were getting a bit upset that we weren’t back yet. I mean think about it, we were gone for like two hours and all they were doing was sitting at the reception hall with nothing to do. I get it. Some people with long drives just up and left and that is understandable, but most of the people stayed. We ate a nice dinner, gave our toasts, and saw some dances.


The toast scared the crap out of me like I knew it would but I got through it. I finished it a day before I needed to read it. It was the right length and I tried my best to look to the crowed and speak steady and slow enough. The rest of the night was fun. We danced and I was able to catch up with some family that made the trip as well as long time friends that came down too. All of my friend are having or already have kids now and it is hard to get together anymore, so it was nice to see them. My brother and his wife had a guestbook that was made up of Polaroid pictures and allowed everyone to take a picture and glue it in the book, as well as write something. My older brother and I took full advantage to goof off and take a weird picture. Don’t worry we took a nice one too haha.


Like I said before the reception was held at the men’s club, it is a nice brick building with white pillars. It is in the heart of our small down town area.


We were up on the second floor and had a nice view out the windows. After the reception some of them went to the local bars to finish out the night. I on the other hand got back to my wife and beautiful baby boy.

The next day my brother and I had two softball games. We won both of them in short. The first one we won 25 to 12 in the 6th inning and the second one was close to 12 to 5 in the 7th. It was another nice day and we were glad we could win a couple games since we lost both of them last week.

A quick update on the baby. We were able to take him off of the glow blanket! We went for a walk with him and the dog yesterday, and got some newborn pictures that my wife is editing. I’ll be sure to share them when I can.

That’s all for today, I’m glad to be back in somewhat of a routine.  I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


12 thoughts on “Someone Got Married!”

  1. Congratulations to your brother and his wife on their wedding. Happy y’all were able to remove the glow blanket and looking forward to seeing some more pictures of the baby.

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  2. Congrats to your brother and his new bride!

    Also congrats to YOU for getting through your speech! I knew you could do it!

    The pictures you’ve shared so far are beautiful and look a little playful too which is always nice!

    The Mister is MUCH taller than me so when we had our wedding pics taken, he stood on the floor and I had to stand two steps above him–otherwise both of our faces couldn’t be in the pic! You can’t really tell in the pics that we did that, but for the more formal pics we had to. (I’m kinda short!) LOL

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    1. It was a happy day for sure.

      It was better than expected, once I figured out how loud the microphone was going to be haha.

      They took a bunch of silly pictures, I like them that way too. We have some coming of us all holding the bride, and the bridesmaids holding my brother. haha.

      That’s funny. I’m by no means tall but my wife is short too so I’m still 9 inches taller than her.

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