Mother’s Day Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This has been by far the busiest weekend for me in a long time. Don’t worry though, it was a good thing.

Friday after work I got home in time to get the mail. I had ordered my wife flowers from and they came, as expected. I got her some tulips because she had been wanting some. I got to pick out the vase too and I knew she would love this one. Have a look.


I made sure to order other flowers for my mom and had them sent to her house on the same day. She got a nice mix of colorful flowers.

Saturday was the big softball tournament. It is the first one that commemorates the start of the season. It really has nothing to do with where your team sits, it is just to get the kinks out for the most part. We had our first game at 9am, and it was cold, really cold. It started to rain, but quickly stopped. We though we were going to lose that game, as we were down 10 runs in the second inning. That is….terrible haha. By the 5th inning we ‘ten runned’ them, meaning the game was over, because we were winning by 10 in the 5th inning. It is a mercy rule of sorts. In those last three innings we didn’t let them score and in turn we scored 20 runs! I don’t think anyone was predicting that. We went on to play 3 more games. We won the first two and lost the second two and were out of the tournament. We would have been in 5th place when we went out, so not bad. We didn’t have our full team the whole day so that was to be expected.  I was able to hit eight home runs, two in each game, so that is OK with me haha. I was wondering if my hitting would be messed up from losing weight, but I guess not. By the way I am still sore today!

Then came the big day. Mother’s Day was packed full of family time. My wife and I got up and got ready. We were going to meet her whole family for lunch in Erie, PA, ( 1.5 hours away.) We ate at one of their Panera Bread places. Even her brother, his wife, and their baby came. It was nice to see all of them. Her grandparents made it out too. It was a full house. I had a nice turkey, avocado, BLT, and soup. They have great healthy options which I liked, because there are none where I live. Afterwards we said our goodbyes. We looked at a few stores, and then turned right around and went back home. We had about one hour before we headed out again to have dinner with my parents, brother, soon to be sister in-law, and their baby.  We ate at a local Chinese buffet. I was able to keep it healthy there too. 😀 Later we went back to my parents house just to hang out. We let the baby do her thing here on the floor haha.



She is a little over 8 months old and doing all sorts of fun things. She can army crawl, and stand with the help of furniture. She is trying to talk a bit and is getting a few teeth. Here is a shot of my mom feeding her some squash I think??


Over all the weekend was a success. It was fast and gone too soon. I’m glad we were able to do everything we wanted and see everyone we wanted to see.

Today has been so so at work. A few things here and there like a normal Monday. The basement people called me and I told them that we are going to hold off another year on the basement. We just don’t have the money to do it right now and I don’t want to be red lining my finances with a new baby on the way. When we get our taxes back next April we will have them come and do it. Until then I am going to lay cement down on the unfinished room and maybe try to seal the floor as best as I can to help with the water. With any luck it will do the job for now. Maybe while I’m at it I’ll finish the steps out font. Who knows!

That’s all from me. What did you do for Mother’s Day? Anything fun? Let me know down below. Until tomorrow! 😀 😀


7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend!”

  1. Glad you had a great week end. The flowers/vase are beautiful. I’m sure your Mom appreciated hers as well.

    Great start to your ball season! Keep it up!

    Using your refund next year for waterproofing is a good idea!

    We went out of town to see my daughter over the weekend. She had to work so we went to her and spent some time with her when she got off.

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