Life Post!

Hey Everyone!

Not much has been going on in my home life recently, that is why I haven’t posted about it much.

My wife and I are still getting ready for the arrival of our baby boy. We are very excited and are growing more impatient each day.

Tonight we have an initiation of a new Master Mason! He will be raised to this sublime degree at 7:30pm. It is an extra meeting so there won’t be a nice dinner waiting or us, so I’ll have to figure something out before I go haha.

My open season tournament is this weekend for softball. It was supposed to be last weekend but it rained and flooded more than the fields, if you read my other posts you know haha. Anyway it will be Saturday and hopfully the weather will cooperate! Fingers crossed.

I have a basement waterproofing guy coming Friday to see what my options are to keep my basement dry. I hope it doesn’t cost a bunch of money, because that is one thing I don’t have! With any luck a pump will do it, but I almost want to see what it would cost to get it all done and done right now. I mean, if we are going to use it everyday and try to finish it we may as well do it right. I don’t want mold down there or anything else that shouldn’t be there. We will see soon enough. I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you for embracing the new content! I’m glad I can get other kinds of stuff out there and keep the attention of my readers. That is all for this quick update, I hope you all have a great Hump Day! 😀 😀


One thought on “Life Post!”

  1. Happy you ae getting a fee estimate on the watepoofing. I agee that it’s best to get it done ight.. In the ongun that wi be best.

    Ok…So since it’s you fied and you ae famiia with Wodpess I have a bizae question fo you. Yesteday I noticed that when I ty to type esponses on WP, that my (the ette afte q) and my (the ette afte k) won’t wok! It’s not my keyboad because I tested it on a Wod document. So I apoogize fo a the misspeed wods but unti I can get those two keys to wok I have a pobem!

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