Well That Could Have Been Better!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend wanted to be great but had some setbacks! As you will see below, things got a bit messy.

Friday was a night of gaming and Netflix. I was going to work on the cabin Saturday, even though the weather was crappy. Sunday we were planning to tour the hospital in Erie, PA. Most of that went as planned. Most.

Friday, was going well I was just telling my friend over Team Speak ( a voice chat software) how well things were looking and how quickly things were coming together with the house. Soon after I was going to let the dog out and give her a treat, when I walked down stairs and found this mess:


You can see the floor should be red. The small marks are from the cat haha, and mine are the bigger ones. There was about 2-5 inches of water through out my whole entire basement.


Everything was floating around like those baskets, and the cat liter box in the back.


And finally The back door gets opened and a huge drain pipe is backed up. I think this was the cause of most of it.Β  I don’t have ‘after’ cleanup pictures because, well I was beat. I spent all day Saturday, not building a cabin, but mopping up the remaining water. I cranked the heat and closed the upstairs vents. It was super hot but necessary. I mopped and mopped and mopped. Once it was all dry you could see what dirt was still left on the ground. I still need to re-mop everything or Swiffer it to finish it all off. After that whole day being rough I went and bought a six pack and had a few haha. It was a late night and I didn’t get much sleep.

Sunday I got up early for some unknown reason. I made breakfast for my wife and served it to her in bed. I also found a recipe online for a Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccino and made it for her. We did get out to Erie and we went early to make it worth our while. We walked around the mall and stopped in the maternity store to get a few things. Next we hit up the local Barnes and Noble, to pass the time. When we were through there and getting hungry we stopped at a Hibachi restaurant, for an early dinner. Then it was off to the hospital , for the tour. We arrived about a half hour early and waited for the other couples to arrive. The tour did take a full hour like they said it would. In short it was amazing! The facility is perfect, maybe beyond that. They have five floors devoted to just maternity.Β  We are going to try our hardest to get out there to deliver the baby, when the time comes. By the time we got home it was time for bed, so we cleaned up and went to bed. My wife went back to work for the time being this week and wasn’t pleased to wake up to her alarm after having the week off haha.

That’s all for this post! I hope you had a somewhat better weekend than mine lol.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! Speaking of that, when the baby is born I won’t be posting for like a week, since I won’t be at work. If I’m feeling up to it I may post some updates but who knows.Β  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



16 thoughts on “Well That Could Have Been Better!”

  1. Sorry to hear the flooding incident! What a unexpected surprise and the extra time for cleaning up instead of doing what you planned to do. The visit to the hospital seemed pleasant. That is the good news! What a sweet thing for you to do to your wife! When she is happy, the baby feels it…hehe!!

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  2. Sorry about the flooding mess you had to deal with, I know that had to be exhausting. Wow five floors just for maternity, sounds like an amazing hospital.

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  3. Wow that’s awful about the flooding, but at least it was contained to the basement. Did you have any damage other than things just being wet?
    Very exciting tour and a nice day in Erie! When is the actual due date?

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  4. Due dates are just guesses as I’m sure you know. That baby boy will come when he’s good and ready. LOL. My first baby was actually born on her due date, but I’ve never heard of that happening to anyone else–unless it’s a planned C-section. The important thing is that the baby is full term and healthy.

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    1. I think within the next couple weeks he will be considered full term. Even now though they know her is over 6lbs and healthy from what they can tell! πŸ˜€

      That is true, I haven’t heard of many people having babies on their exact due date lol, you were the lucky one!

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