Last Night Was All Brotherhood!

Hey Everyone!

Back again from a long night of good fellowship and brotherhood.

Last night we held a 3rd degree, or master masons degree, at lodge. This is the final step of initiation for one to become a full fledged member. It generally takes three months, one for each degree. The brother we raise last night started his journey in freemasonry in March of this year.

The night goes like this: We arrive about an hour early to a homemade meal. It is $5 per person, to go towards payment to the cook. We eat a great dinner, differing completely from the months prior meal. We see who shows up for the meeting and see if we have enough people to fill the chairs needed to confer the degree and run the meeting. Last night we had 22 people in attendance, which is a very nice turn out. We run through some normal meeting stuff, much of which I can’t speak about, and then head into the degree work. It all takes about two hours. Afterwards we got a picture with half of the guys and the newly raised brother! You can tell who is is two ways: He is in the middle, and he has a plain white leather apron.


It really was a good turn out. We had baked chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, corn, and beans for dinner. After the meeting was said and done we gather back in the kitchen/lobby and had desert. I took one home for the wife, and didn’t eat any myself. It was looking good though! It was homemade strawberry shortcake, with a whip cream topping.


This brought us right up to 9pm and the ride home got us to about 9:30pm. We were beat from the degree work and ready for bed. That is all she wrote for the night!

I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions about freemasonry, that I am at liberty to talk about I gladly will answer them!

Until next time, I’ll see ya! 😀 😀


6 thoughts on “Last Night Was All Brotherhood!”

    1. Well I will try to answer what I can. If anyone knew the whole, true, story behind all of it, that would be spectacular.

      They were formed, officially, in 1717 in England. To much surprise, I’m sure we aren’t a secret organization. Members will gladly let you know they are a member, we wear rings, ties, and hats depicting the square and compasses. Most phone books, if those are still things, have lodges listed. Our meeting halls are clearly marked and there are signs on the highways, in most every city. Events, and picnics are often listed in local newspapers. There is a misconception that we are a secret society, and maybe when the organization started there was a reason to remain a secret. Possibly for safety reasons to protect the members, who promoted change in a society ruled by a king and queen.

      Just like any other fraternal organization, we have “secrets” like the ways you can identify yourself as a Mason, through handshakes and passwords. But then you have secrets that”cannot/may not” be told. These aren’t secrets in the traditional sense. They are feelings that some/most Masons experience going through the degree work, that literally can’t be put into words, or can’t explain. Hence, why they can’t be told. A good example in the real world, that I read was: “Try telling someone exactly what you feel when you see a beautiful sunset, or when you hear music, like the national anthem, which suddenly stirs old memories…” It sums it up a little better.

      As for the Bible thing, I want to point out I am no expert on this at all haha so bare with me. I can tell you that the Bibles that we are given when we join are approved/recognized King James versions, with a front page added for signatures of the members that attended your degree work.

      From what I can gather it wasn’t re-written, rather injected with images, that are told to tell a hidden story. Other than that all I can tell is that there were 24,000 places where spelling and punctuation were changed, but not the actually content.

      I couldn’t tell you if the story line with imagery is truth or not, for obvious reasons, but I can tell you that it isn’t something that is a staple in everyday masonry, which leads me to believe that it is false. With out doing a bunch of research that’s about all I can say. Hope this helps a bit, and answers the questions you had. Thanks for the comment! 😀

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      1. Thanks for your reply. I guess I do still think of Masons as a “secret society.” I was shocked though when you posted pictures from inside. I’ve never seen that done. There are no windows in the Mason buildings or if there are, they are blocked out…not sure why that is, but that’s never sat well with me. To be fair, I happen to know that Masons aren’t the only group to do that.

        I guess I have issues with secret handshakes and identifiers like that. The history of some of that that you shared is interesting.

        I’m not expert on the Mason Bible either but I know that there was one donated to our library which is on display and it is VERY different than a standard KJV. I have tried looking up the Masonic Bible online as well and nonMasons like me can only read a little bit of it–which has been rewritten. The “hidden story” bothers me a lot to be honest since KJV (and all other well documented translations) teach that there is no hidden knowledge. It just seems illogical to me to say “Masons aren’t a secret society” and then say that there are “hidden” things about it.

        I hope you are ok with my comments and questions. I sincerely am trying to learn–not attack.

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      2. Most people do think that way. Part of that thinking makes it hard to get members sometimes because they aren’t sure what really goes on haha.

        Most lodges that I have been in have windows but you are correct they are blocked or blacked out in some fashion.

        I think of handshakes and passwords as a way to identify that a person is affiliated with an organizations. It is more discrete then just blurting out a question about it haha. My college fraternity had their own signs and stuff too. Some of the ones I know are pretty comical if you were to think about them.

        Again, stating I am not super familiar with the Bible thing. I would love to check into that. I can only go off of the masonic bible that I received, and the one I was given as a kid at church haha, but I’ll look, when I remember.

        As far as the hidden story, I would guess was something for the same purpose of staying some what secretive at the start. It would have been re-written almost 100 years before they were even an official organization(1717). My guess would be that while there were somewhat of an underground group they needed a way to reach more forward thinkers in a way that wouldn’t get them caught. What better book would there be than the Bible. If the way to decipher the hidden story was spread by word of mouth, only people interested would go to the lengths of doing so. This may be why the only way you can become a Mason is to ask one. Again, there may not be any truth to the hidden story at all, there really is no way to tell. :/ It would be neat to know for sure.

        I think they had to be secretive from the start and that kind of stuck with them to this day, unfortunately. If they were known by the wrong people while they were just getting started they may have been squashed all together. Who knows? These are all very great questions.

        I love the comments. I welcome a conversation, in good taste. I’ll be the first to let you know I don’t know as much as I want to about the organization and that is why I search. 😀

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      3. Thank you and I’m certainly no expert on any of this. (That’s weird now my l and r are working…and I only just asked you like 2 seconds ago! It seems to be somewhat sporadic.)

        I can definitely understand some of what you are saying.

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      4. I was responding to the other post when I saw it was working now haha. Too weird!

        I really wish there was a true answer but that is what makes it interesting. Sure even a bit scary. I can assure you, that now all we really do is look out for good men, do charity work, and meet one to a few times a month to discuss more of the same.

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