Do you Know Someone Using Kodi?

Since I am big into TV shows and movies of all kinds this topic is something I like to keep an eye one. I have some personal experience with people using and trying to get others to use this software. It is becoming an issue world wide for a few reasons, that I’ll discuss in this post.

First of all what is Kodi? If you haven’t heard of it you aren’t using it haha. The Kodi box itself is like any other box. Much like a Roku, it has channels similar to Netflix and IPlayer. This in itself isn’t illegal in anyway. What is illegal, most everywhere is the fact that the Kodi software has a library that lets you browse and watch pirated TV, movies, and sporting events. This gets into a whole big thing about copyright laws, since pirated material of any kind is obtained illegally.

It has been in the news very recently because the law has been changed, as far as punishment. From what I have read it is mostly a European law, but It will be similar in the US anytime now. The penalty for copyright infringement was about a two year, max, sentence. It has now been changed to ten years! That is a significant change in legislature, and a much bigger portion of someones life.

Kodi is able to be installed on a variety of things. Their download page offers you content for Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, Raspberry Pi, IOS, and more. WIth it being so easy to obtain and use, it is increasingly harder to stop or control. If people want something for free they can get it, plain and simple. Now again I want to stress that if you use the Kodi box for streaming legally you are good to go. It is only a criminal offense if you are using it to obtain illegal content. An example would be like, it is legal to own a gun and use it for hunting or target practice within the limits of the law. But, it is not legal to use that same gun to rob a bank and kill people. I know that got a bit extreme but you can see the clear difference.

Now just because the maximum penalty went up to ten years in prison doesn’t mean that just because you illegally streamed one movie you will go to jail for ten years. That is for the most severe cases. Still you may want to steer clear of it all together. This all does bring up some interesting questions like most things do!

  • Is there a way to control downloaded or streamed media at all anymore?
    • I’m leaning hard towards, no. Other than cracking down with harsher penalties not really. There are too many people doing it too often. There will always be a way to get around safeguards and rules.
  • Is/should Kodi able to be held responsible for allowing illegal apps?
    • To both of the questions, again no. They aren’t liable for how users use their device, just like Glock isn’t liable for someone murdering a guy with one of their guns. They shouldn’t be held accountable for people cracking their code and modifying it. I’m sure that they apply security updates and patches to try to prevent what they can, but back to question one. There is always a way around everything.
  • Are the laws changing and cracking down even going to stop anyone?
    • Again personal opinion only, no. I mean sure if they catch a person it will stop them haha but I don’t think the number of people stealing content will decrease at all. It may still just rise. It gets to a point were you cant have the population of the world all in jail! lol
  • How does the increasingly growing number of illegally streamed content effecting the different industries?
    • For music, movies, and events you may in the future see issues with funding. I don’t think it is there yet, but if the number keeps growing and people use these illegal means more often than not they won’t float the money to produce anything. It won;t be worth it if they can’t even make their money back. I’m not sure the industries will ever fold completely, but you may see a hike in prices if it becomes an issue. Maybe your baseball tickets will go up in price, or beer prices at the park may continue to rise because no one goes to the events. Who knows.ย 

Again these are just quick questions that come to mind for me. If you can think of some that I didn’t please let me know in the comments below.

I want to know your thoughts on downloading or streaming content illegally, to get free movies, music, or events? Do you know someone who does any of these things? What are your thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Do you Know Someone Using Kodi?”

  1. My moms ex actually got me into Utorrent, where you can download movies and music for free. It doesn’t seem THAT bad when you think about it…..I mean, you can watch vids and music on youtube for free and that’s not a crime! Lots of people do it and I know some people who have been using Utorrent for a looong time. I know its not right but for people who don’t have the money to spend 2 dollars on a song in the app store, it’s nice.

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    1. Ya I know about Utorrent too. It is really easy to get a hold of the things you want to watch and listen to, which just makes it that much harder to police the situation. I don’t really thing the new punishment fits the crime, but it is what it is for now. :/

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  2. I’m not a fan of downloading illegally. The people who created the content should get paid for it. That includes all the people down to the lowliest technician. The producers may be rich guys but there are whole raft of others who are just scraping by. In the performing arts, especially in the USA, there are unions that will see to it that the small players get their dues from any time their product is sold. I think that it should be like that. Downloading illegally cuts these workers out of their part as the unions do not have any record of this downloading. That’s my opinion.

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    1. That is a very good opinion to have in my eyes. I can see both sides. I know why people would do it, and I also know why people shouldn’t. You are very correct, the people that will be effected first would be the low level tech and interns. It will be interesting to see where this all goes in the future.


  3. I have heard of Kodi. There are videos on YouTube that show you how to download Kodi and access the movies, shouldn’t YouTube be responsible for taking those instructions down? Everyone seems to have a piece in this process and it’s overwhelming. I tend to watch HGTV and Food Network more than anything. However, I do subscribe to Hulu and Netflix for my son and will occasionally watch those shows. This whole thing reminds me of the Napster situation in the 90’s. When people were downloading thousands of songs and were prosecuted. It’s hard to stop the internet since everything is wireless. However, wouldn’t it be the same if you viewed illegally stolen content that hadn’t been released yet? The show the Orange is the New Black and it was put on line and you watched it? This is getting so hard to tell.

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    1. Using Kodi correctly is legal. Generally YouTube isn’t able to look at every video that is posted, and some slip through the cracks. Other times if they set the video up to be for teaching purposes only and not to be used in real world applications they form a weird loophole.

      Yes it is the the same concept! The laws may or may not be slightly different, but if you steal media in anyway, with any device it is illegal.

      In the situation with the Orange is the New Black, I think the people who leaked it would be in trouble and no one else. This being because as a paying customer, Netflix is in charge of the content. If it slips pat them, which it did, its on them, not their customers.

      It is all super confusing haha.

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  4. I’ve never heard of Kodi either, so thanks for the heads up! Working in a library we are quite concerned about copyright infringements, piriating, etc.

    For those looking to do things like this….go to your library and learn how to sign up for programs like Freegal and Hoopla. These programs allow you to download music and movies for free-and they are legal. Also you can download lots of other things like magazines, books, and databasis…all for free. It’s just like checking out a book (or other item) at your library only you do it on your device.

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