What Would This Cost? And In What Ways?

So science!

Scientist have discovered that giving mice a dose of a certain molecule allowed them to run 100 minutes longer with out any training first! That is insane first off!

These same scientists, have come up with a compound called GW1516 that could benefit humans, in many ways, potentially. No tests have been done on humans up to this point. They have found a gene within us called the PPAR Delta and activating this particular gene would not only allow you to run farther with out becoming exhausted, but could also help diabetics by helping them respond better to insulin. Another interesting point is that when this gene is activated by regular exercise or otherwise it helps us burn fat not carbs. Keeping the energy from carbs in our system longer.

The idea here is that since normal exercise all ready activates the PPAR Delta gene, they can find a way to activate it without exercise and still get the same results. This can help medically but also raises some questions. Some questions that come to mind are:

  • Would the FDA every find a way to regulate this?
    • Off the top of my head, initially, I would say this would be a nightmare for them to figure out
  • In turn how much would this cost if it became a medical procedure
    • If this type of thing ever hit the market, I would say only the rich could afford it. They could pay an outrageous amount of money so they never have to work out again, while the people who could really benefit from it would be out on their asses.
  • What could the side effects be, to having this gene active for long periods of time?
    • I would assume that there is a reason this gene isn’t normally active except during exercise. I couldn’t even guess what prolonged exposure to an active PPAR Delta gene would do. It could lead to deterioration of other part of the body. Who knows!
  • How would this change ones daily life?
    • From what they say you can essentially be a fat slob without the fat part haha. We would be in a world like the movie “Wall-E.” All jokes aside medically we could be closer to finding cures for different diseases. Everyone with access to this would be able to run longer and get fit faster, and skip the “hard part” of getting in shape slowly 
  • How would sports, of all kinds regulate this? (Since they crack down on PIDs)
    • As of right now I wouldn’t think any professional sports would allow it. As long as it is still considered a drug, even a healthy one, it is still outlawed. It would be monitored and cracked down on, in my opinion. Also those guys are generally healthy anyway so why would they need it unless they wanted an edge that they shouldn’t have?

Those are my initial thoughts on this. It is amazing to see how far science has come, it truly is! Every time there is a break through there is happiness and freight. How far can we go? Should we go? Did I miss something? What questions would you have? Let me know in the comments below!

You can see more about the science of it here: Click Me!



6 thoughts on “What Would This Cost? And In What Ways?”

  1. As I was reading I thought of some of the same types of questions you did. One was about long term exposure and would this set off a domino effect to other body systems. The gene is probably not overactive for a reason. Typically I don’t tend to like “science” that interferes artificially with the body’s systems. I’m a big believer in using natural methods and nutrition. To me there are still way too many unknowns.

    I also had the question in my mind almost immediately about how something like this would impact the sports world.

    The FDA has proven time and again that it does not have individuals best interest at heart. There are many conflicts of interest between the FDA and special interest groups. The FDA only cares about the bottom line. Until there is a better system of checks and balances with the FDA system and conflicts of interest are taken out of the picture, I will tend to be wary.

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    1. I agree. I think science can be and will be great but there are way too many unknowns about the body in general right now to think that this would work well right now. Another way to look at it though is that, we won’t know more about the body until things like this are done. Scientists have to trial by fire, some of these methods to understand what is going on. I’m just glad its them and not me haha. Thanks for the comment. 😀

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      1. Testing on humans for the sake of testing brings up lots of ethical considerations. I think there needs to be way more information gathered before we’re ready for human trials.

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