Blog Update!

Hey Everyone!

I want to start off by talking a bit about the changes that I have started to work on. I have reduced my categories to three in hope to stay more focused on the content. They are as follows: Daily Life, Current Events/News, and Reviews.

They should be pretty self explanatory but I’ll say just a tiny bit about each. I will still be posting every week day.

The ‘Daily Life’ posts will be shorter than normal, to make room for other content, and consist of what is going on in my life. If nothing is going on I may skip this type of post until something remotely interesting comes up. For instance Mondays will probably have a longer ‘Daily Life’ post, because I’ll have done things over the weekend. Whereas days like today, nothing really happened on a Tuesday night haha.

The ‘Current Events/News’ post will be just that. I’ll talk about a certain story that I find interesting, controversial or other, and give my opinion and ask for feedback from you guys. I love hearing what other people think about topics that I find interesting. As far as how often I’ll post these, I’ll wing it. There won’t be a set schedule. I may not do one for a full week if I do a review and have an action packed life that week. You know what I’m saying?

This brings me to the one I’m pretty excited about. The ‘Reviews’ posts will mostly be movie reviews. These of course will only be posted if I have time to watch a movie and remember to take notes and review it haha. I am a huge movie buff and love that I have a way to incorporate it into my blog. Again these will come out sporadically, as I may do more ‘Current Events/News’ posts and ‘Daily Life’ posts in any given week.

I will try to keep these three categories separate so they will be easy to find if you are only interested in one type of post. I hope you all will be receptive to this idea and continue to be supporters of the blog! 😀

That being said this is a blog update post first, but also my ‘Daily Life’ post for the day. I know it is a bit earlier than normal but I’m busy later and still wanted to get a popst out for you all 😀

Last night I came home to find that my futon mattress was here two days early! That instantly makes my night haha. The little things that get me excited in my adult life haha. Here is a shot of it all set up:


The office is nearing completion quickly. My wife and I broke in the futon by watching “Heavyweights” on Netflix last night. It was very comfortable. All of which is surprising because we got the cheapest one we could from Wal-Mart at only $70!

This morning was like any other. I got up and fed the pets, and myself. Normally I make breakfast for my wife too, but she is sleeping in this week because she took a week of vacation before the baby gets here. I thought you all would like to see what I have to deal with while I eat and read the paper in the morning!

This is my cat Zazzles! He likes to come right up on me every morning. He sits like this each time and is always up in my business haha. We named him after an episode of the “The Big Bang Theory” for those of you wondering.


I don’t even fight it anymore. You really can’t when he looks so cute, and sleepy!

Tonight we have a masonic meeting, that is doubling as an initiation. It may be a long night, but worth it to bring in yet another member to the fraternity.

That is my ‘Daily Life’ post for the day. I hope you guys like the new formatting changes as well.

I really do hope to see you all again, it is always a pleasure! 😀 😀


5 thoughts on “Blog Update!”

  1. Sounds like interesting and focused content for your blog.

    I love Zazzles! I used to have an orange cat like him and he was one of the best cats I’ve ever had (although I think all of them were the best in their own way). I bet Zazzles has a lot of catitude like my cat did!

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