Get Out (2017)

So this will be my first real movie review. I am excited to start these. They won’t be on any schedule, just when I watch one and want to do one haha. So here we go!

Title: Get OutMV5BNTE2Nzg1NjkzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTgyODMyMTI@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_

Director: Jordan Peele

Genre: Horror/Mystery

Rating: R

Leads: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford

Right out of the gate this movie pulls you in. The story line is focused on a Chris an African American (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose his white girlfriend (Allison Williams). He is going to meet her family for the first time and is worried that they won’t be accepting of him. The majority of the movie is set at Rose’s parents estate. They live on a secluded lake and have money. Right away you can feel the tension and the subtle hints of racism. the movie is much more than racism though. It is a story, made for entertainment, and that is what some people forget. I watch movies, most times for enjoyment, not political reasons.

I was interested to see how Jordan Peele would do honestly. I mean he came up as a comedian and actor, not a writer and director. This was his first movie that he has ever directed and he nailed it with his team. The movie is 104 minutes long so just under two hours. I think this is a great time for a movie. most movies today start pushing over two to two and a half hours and it seems like they add a lot of filler.

Back to the plot. The mom Missy (Catherine Keener), is a hypnotist, and the father Dean (Bradley Whitford), is a neurosurgeon. Chris knows something is off with the family and friends of the family, and is questioning everything. As the movie goes on and becomes increasingly weird, creepy, and spooky you are left with questions of your own. Mostly those questions revolve around other characters that are introduced and what is really going on in the movie. The movie gains some momentum towards the end and some action. I’ll leave the summary at that, so nothing is spoiled!

The actors are perfect for the roles. So of course I would say the casting department hit the ball out of the park.  I am a big fan of Daniel Kaluuya, ever since I saw him in “Black Mirror.” I would see the movie just for him personally. And honestly that was part of why I gave it a go. The chemistry between Chris and Rose is great throughout the movie and they have you pulling for them as a couple.

As far as the social issue of racism in the movie I think it fell short for some. I think that a lot of people went to see the movie in hope that it made a statement about racism, since Jordan Peele was the director and the whole movie is based on black people working for white people. Butt it wasn’t dwelled on like people thought it would be. It really evolves into a story and I lost sight of the color of their skin quickly. I mean if you took the slavery element out of it, it would still be a great movie. I think that was just a ploy to get people interested in the movie and it worked.

Bringing it around 360 degrees, it is a great movie for the times. It is directed super well for a first time director. It is the right length of movie full of content with no filler. The actors are great. It only falls short when you are hoping for more of a political statement than it truly gives. I will be rating my reviews on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best. Each rating will be specific to how it fits into it’s own genre.

*For example if a comedy movie gets a 7 and an action movie also gets a 7, I would give more weight to the comedy movie. It is harder for a comedy movie to get a high rating, whereas an action movie should be pushing 8+*

All of that being said I would give “Get out” an 8.5/10


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