Daddy-O-Five Scandal (Thoughts?)

Hey Everyone!

We just had another retirement lunch today at work. We have it catered and it is always very good. It was pulled pork, coleslaw, fruits, veggies, potato salad, and cake. I was also tempted with a full can of Monster today too! My co-worker went and bought one out of the machine and three fell out. How crazy is that?!? I did well, and want to let you know. I had a scoop of pork (no bun), a small scoop of coleslaw, and loaded up on the fruits and veggies. That’s it! I beat the temptation of cake and Monster haha.

Quick update, the Roku is amazing. We are going to wait on getting Hulu with it, but the Netflix and free channels that come with it are great. Until we have a need for more we are set. It was very easy to install, and quicker than anything I have every set up.

I am now officially on the hunt for a vehicle. I really want a truck, but it has to have back seats for the baby. I have a small truck now and it would be great, except it doesn’t have back seats. I have been searching around and found a truck similar to mine, but 4-door and with 4×4. I also have to have it be a reliable vehicle. This will be the first vehicle that I have actually owned, or rather on my wife’s name for me, for insurance purposes. It will be the first time I am responsible for everything for a vehicle. So it is kinda scary to me. I mean I have done maintenance and paid for some stuff over the years but not everything. Our company nurse may be hooking me up with a 09 Lincoln MKZ for way cheaper than it should be, but I have to get a hold of her about it. That is first on my list. My wife’s grandpa will give me his 05 Buick Century, but we aren’t sure how much longer it will last because it has 190,XXX miles on it. He keeps it maintained very well, but still. So I have some options, but I still want a truck so if those don’t get me what I want then I’ll still check out others.  I am starting the process of test drives and what not.


On to some community content! I have been a huge follower of Phil DeFranco over the years. He has a great view and great conversations on news and what not. If you haven’t seen the drama that the YouTube channel ‘DaddyOFive’ he covers it well. They actually blame him for the story blowing up in one of their response videos. I’ll like a couple of his videos below so you can get caught up.

This is the first video that he posted about it.

This one is when he was blamed.

There are others on his channel as well, but those are the two main ones. The videos were taken down but he had them all and was supportive to the authorities when they were looking for the deleted videos. Since this all blew up they have lost custody of two of the half siblings one of which being Cody who took most of the physical stuff. Him and his sister now live with their biological mom.

I would love to know your thoughts on this whole thing. I am at a loss for words that this was allowed to go on for so long. It makes me cringe just to know people out there do stuff like this or worse. I am glad that light was shed on this and that it is hopefully over. Please let me know your thoughts??

That is where I’ll leave you all today! I hope you have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


9 thoughts on “Daddy-O-Five Scandal (Thoughts?)”

  1. I didn’t even know this guy existed until my mom asked me if I “had heard about the Daddyofive guy” so of course I had to go watch a couple of the videos I could still find out there.. I actually cried watching how they treated their poor children! Especially that little guy, oh my’s awful. I just wanted to take him home and hug him and tell him it’s not his fault!
    I heard he lost custody of the two that had a different mother, I really hope they change the way they treat them..the “pranks” but also the yelling and screaming, it’s so sad for those kids to live that way and then have them grow into adults thinking it’s normal behavior. Hopefully they get the help they need for the sake of their children! 😣

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  2. Combinada com dente de leão, que naturalmente estimula fígado e sistema digestivo,
    e com cúrcuma, um antioxidante, obtemos um remédio para emagrecer caseiro eficaz que auxilia na perda de peso.

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  3. Saudade da minha anfepramona e femproporex, luto diariamente pela volta deles , estamos no senado , só com
    eles perco peso ,hoje estou muito doente por complicações da obesidade, mas
    vamos conseguir reverter esse equívoco da anvisa quem precisa da volta dos anorexígenos nos ajude nessa luta , twiter
    aos senadores , os deputados já passamos com aprovação!


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