Thank You & Apple Jack Progress

Hey Everyone!

I want to thank you for the support and feed back about the new layout. Now that I have a bit more time to elaborate on it, I will! 😀 I came to the realization that there are a lot of people in this community that browse via tablet or mobile phone. I looked at my previous layout and saw that it had too many layers. It wouldn’t draw people in and to get to my posts it would take a few “clicks.” I wanted to change all of that. I know I work in IT and all but changing my layout scared me and I didn’t want to jack it all up haha. Once I figured out what I wanted I went after it. I think it turned out quite well. I want to work on a few things from here on out. I want to make sure that I have featured images so the “Recent Posts” page looks a bit flashier. This is mostly because the scheme is a bit dull, by design. I also want to work on titles, not sure how much that will happen. Lastly I want to start including content that isn’t just about my daily life. I won’t stop the daily life part but rather add this part to it. I just want to engage people with current events or topics that are close to me. That being said it won’t happen in this post haha.

On to our regular content!

Yesterday I did indeed get my to go baby bag packed. It took me a month to do it but it is done. It makes everything so much more real. I also started the process of freeze distillation with my Apple Jack! the time has come. Tonight I will see the finished product. I’ll be tight for time tonight but I’ll get what I can.

Here I have a shot of the transfer from the glass carboy to the jug that it got frozen in.


Using this method you have to make sure that gravity is working for you! To create the pressure all you have to do is blow through a straw at the top and it all comes out.Just like if you have ever blew into a Capri sun and let the science do the rest haha.

After it is transferred you have this gross mixture left over. It is all of the dead and discarded items left over from fermentation. This is part of the reason you wait so long, all of this stuff has to settle on the bottom before you should do anything. Check the next two pictures.


Its thick and soupy all at the same time and smells of mostly yeast. It generally comes right out with a rinse, but you definitely don’t want this in your drink!

What was transferred out at this point, before distillation, is just hard cider. I went a head and tried some. I also had to rep my college fraternity in the process! 😀


You can see that it is still a bit cloudy. I was hoping that it would have been clearer at this point, but I know it will be better once I distill it. I currently have the four jugs freezing at my parents house. I will grab them after work and bring them home. The process from there is to tip them upside down and capture the liquid. It will be strictly alcohol since it freezes at a much lower temperature than anything based in water. Once it melts a bit it will be time to stop the collection process. I will be left with a much smaller amount than the original 2 gallons, but should get a yield of about 2-3 quarts of 30-50 proof Apple Jack.

Part of my, getting things done mood, was getting the ever growing collection of water jugs refilled at the local spring. I had to fill about 10 jugs. I know have, I think, 33 gallons of water as well as a very delicious bottle of homemade wine in my basement. This is all just for natural disasters or outages of any kind. Better to be safe than sorry. It is said that each adult needs one gallon of water per day just for consumption. Every child needs one half gallon, as well as pets. So with an incoming baby and two pets we have enough for like a week or two. I want to grow it a little more and get some food down there too. I really want to finish that section of the basement but who knows!


That is where I will leave you beautiful people today! I hope to bring you some good topics and discussion in later posts. Again thank you for the feedback! I’ll see you Monday, have a great weekend! 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Thank You & Apple Jack Progress”

  1. It’s always good to see progress being made on a multi-step project!

    I’m quite pleased to see your jump start preparation for Natural Disasters! I sincerely hope you never have to use your water for that reason, but it’s good to have that peace of mind!

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