PC Game Night!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was more a day of gaming. I know that doesn’t interest most of you but it is nice to take some time and play a game that puts you in an alternate reality. Of course I came home and did the husbandly duties. My wife still isn’t feeling well, and we needed groceries. (damn I can never spell that word) I ran out and got those, as well as started some laundry, and cleared the dishes from the kitchen.

I first started playing GTA-V since I hadn’t been on it in a long time. I ran a few of their stunt races, and did very poorly haha. They all look similar to this:


You run around the regular map with up to 15 other people and use your custom cars. The developers made these races as an extension to the regular races, and they are a pretty big hit. They recently came out with some new vehicles too, so I wanted to check that out also.

I switched gears and played some Rainbow 6: Siege. I just played some casual games since I wasn’t in good form. The last thing I want to to go unprepared into a competitive game, and piss people off haha. I had some fun. The matchmaking was giving quite the range of opponents, but I was on point with my aim and movement.  I hooked up with a good group of random guys and we played about four games together as a team. We won each one fairly convincingly. So I figured that was a good place to stop. I usually keep playing and playing, then end up getting mad when I do poorly and quit in anger. So to remedy that I end on a high note and come back to it later or on another day. Here are the operators you can choose while playing:


You can see where they are from on the left, as well as whether they are attackers or defenders. Each operator has their own unique talent, which makes them special. There are two missing in this picture and they are the new-ish Spanish operators. (Shown below)


After leaving Rainbow 6 behind, and on a good note, I switched to the increasingly popular Rocket League. I got stuck early on in this season with crappy competitive rank. Playing in the random 3v3 league will do that sometimes. I started doing a few casual games and then hopped into a few comps. I was able to win four or five of the six or seven games that I played, in ranked. I went from a middle tier silver rank to a middle tier gold rank, so I am pretty happy about that.  Here is a quick shot of my favorite map, the Aquadome:


You can see the marine life through out the whole game, moving and swimming all over. The graphics can be outstanding if your PC can run it all on high or ultra.

But that about sums up my night. Nothing really going on, and had some time to kill.

I hope you enjoyed this installment, and I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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