What Tornado?

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was more exciting than it should have been. Through my eyes in a good way lol. I got home and nothing special was really going on. I fed the pets, got the mail and saw a few packages on the porch. I brought them in and left them for a bit. I let my dog out and was checking out our garden, and saw some nice things.


Don’t mind the weird newspaper on the ground. I’m really not sure where that came from. I have found bits of the same paper all over for seemingly no reason. Anyway the pop of color has us excited. The fence is a red the grass is a vibrant green and the flowers have all been shades of yellow.

After I came back inside I opened the packages. The one was a few sets of sheets for the crib that we had been waiting for. The other was my diaper bag! I’m super pumped about it. It is a “Diaper Dude”  messenger bag.


Inside that first flap is a list of things that are must haves! Check it out:


I now have everything in that bag except the snacks and utensils. Well that and the baby who wouldn’t go in the bag in the first place, but you can’t forget him either haha. It has the three pockets on the front, as well as a side pocket for a bottle. It has a main section with netted pockets, and one zipper pocket. The back side has another compartment with netted pockets, as well as a padded back with a pocket for the changing pad. There is also a zipper pocket on the inside of that orange flap. The color and style of the bag are right up my alley and I love it.

We were excited to get all the things for our separate bags. We were, however missing some of those things and I ran out to get them. I hit up the local Wal-Mart for hand sanitizer and first aid kits. While I was there I made the random decision to get an end table for the baby’s room. Just my nature haha. Buuuut, as I was checking out I got the same weather alert that we all got. It was a tornado warning! I was getting texts from my wife telling me to hurry home. I finished my transaction and headed home.

This was my site driving home. I know, I know, don’t have your phone out and drive and what not. My bad, but still. Look at that sky, it only got worse from there.


When I got home it was just starting to rain. the wind hadn’t really picked up, but we headed to the basement. We had our phones, flashlights, candles, and our animals. We could see the lighting and hear the thunder rolling through our valley. Our phones were acting solely as weather radars, and we watched as the storm came and went. Thankfully it missed us and didn’t get much worse for most people. Everyone was safe and only tree damage for the most part.

After we got back upstairs I was excited to set up the end table for the baby’s room. It turned out great and took the rest of the night. It is a perfect fit and looks good with teh lamp.


It even gives us some more storage! The only thing we would really still like to have in that room is a nice rug. right now it is just some what worn hardwood. But now with our bags packed, and the room mostly complete we are as ready as we can be to have this baby! 😀

I just got word that we might be going to put the floor on our cabin, right after work. Like I’ve said before we are trying to have it at least be done enough to house people for a night by the 20th of May, so we have to hurry up haha. Our Saturday will be spent back in my wife’s hometown. We are going to her baby brother’s first birthday party and his baptism. It will be most of the day, but will be fun.

My soon to be sister in-law is also having her bridal shower that same day, so we will have to get with her either tonight or some other time this weekend to hang out and give her a nice gift. So it looks like it will be another super fast weekend for us!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to see you all back again come Monday! Don’t forget to like, comment, and share if you feel so inclined. It is always appreciated.

I’ll see you Monday! 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “What Tornado?”

  1. Glad the tornado missed you!

    I thought at first your flowers just enjoyed the sports section, but maybe the wind that was whipping up shared the newspaper?

    I think it’s cool that you have your own diaper bag and that you were so excited you had to pack it right away.

    Love the end table!

    Another busy weekend for you! Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ya we are too!

      I’m really not sure where the paper came from it was all over my driveway and yard..? No clue.

      I was really excited for the diaper bag lol, and with the date fast approaching I don’t want to take any chances haha.

      For a Walmart special, the end table is really sturdy and fits super well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice looking diaper bag with check list is really cool. End table looks perfect and extra storage is always a plus. Bad looking weather, happy everyone is okay.

    Liked by 1 person

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