Profit Sharing, Recycling, & New Neighbors!

Hey Everyone!

Today is one of those days. Not a bad day by any means, but not really anything at all. It is raining here, the temperature is low, and the mood is lull. Work has been slow, and that is OK.

Tomorrow is our company’s profit sharing meeting. Every year our company executives sit down and go over the books of the last year. Once they have every expense covered they look at the remaining profits, and share them with every employee in the company. With the numbers being different every year, it isn’t something you can bank on receiving at all, or how much it may be. What they do is take the hours you worked that year, not including vacation time, and multiply it by a secret number. This secret number represents your job title and how high they value it. If you are a low level assembly guy in the shot you might be a 1.5, whereas if you are a department manager you might be a 5. Then depending on the rate at which they determined from the left over profits they apply that algorithm and determine what each employee gets, if anything. I know that is pretty confusing and it should be, because they really don’t want people knowing how they do it all. Some people get $500-$800 in an decent year, others can receive multiple thousands of dollars. It is a neat process, and helps people like me get back to financial stability most times. So that will be fun tomorrow.

Today was recycling day in my city. Twice a month the city comes by and picks up recyclables only. It is a great way for the city to be active in helping the environmental impact of humans and material waste. The city offers free collection bins for each resident, so it is no charge to you, the homeowner. They only thing you have to do is remember to separate trash from recycling, and put the bin out front! Pretty simple. My wife and I fill about two bins twice a month and it makes you reflect quite a bit on what you use throughout the month. I never thought I personally used that much stuff in plastic.

In other news our old neighbor, that is old and not doing well, moved. I think I had mentioned that before too. Her house went up for sale like ten days ago and it is now sold. It is real crappy if you ask me. The inside and out need some serious TLC. It was only up for $60,000 and I’m sure the family sold it for less. They just wanted to get rid of it. I’ll be looking in the local newspaper in the coming days to see who bought it. I hope they want to fix it up, rather than be some scummy people only making it worse. It would help if they were decent people as well. Only time will tell.

That is about all for today! Do you, or someone you know recycle? If so let me know in the comment below.

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “Profit Sharing, Recycling, & New Neighbors!”

  1. Isn’t it a little eye opening when we start really being conscious about our waste? Especially recycling! I once accepted a “challenge” to try to only fill one trash can with waste, and one bin with recyclables for the entire month..I failed pretty quickly! Had no idea I used so much either, good for you guys for being conscious of it that’s awesome.
    Crossing my fingers for you at work tomorrow, that is such a neat idea! How exciting for all of you guys!!

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    1. I’m impressed that my city has a recycling plan implemented at all! It is great that we all can pitch in at no cost. Oh god ya, for a month that would be tough. That reminds me of the guy who wore all of his trash on his person for the month. That is a bit extreme though haha. Thanks for the comment! 😀 😀

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  2. The library where I work recycles everything that is recyclable.

    The Mister and I also recycle at home. We also recycle for free. The city currently collects all the recyclables for free, but they are trying to make some changes to the way it’s done. If we have too much for the bin, we can just take it to the recylcing center. You can do this at any time. If you go during business hours, you can drive right into the building, pop your trunk and the people will take the recyclables out and distribute them into the correct receptacles for you and return your container. If you go after hours, you have to put your own recyclables into the appropriate containers outside of the building.

    We also have a place here that will buy scrap metal from you. I’m not drinking as much Diet Coke these days, but you can sell aluminum cans there. The will take almost anything made of metal.

    You are absolutely right about how much plastic, etc that people individually use.

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