Stacking Wood & Plumbing!

Hey Everyone!

I was supposed to meet with the pluming guy yesterday right after work. Key words, ‘supposed to’ lol. When I got home I saw that my cousin Mike, who helped us cut down that huge tree, dropped off a trailer full of full cut and split firewood. I gave him the length that I needed and he got me the goods. It was piled up in my driveway. I got home and started taking it piece by piece behind the garage where I was going to stack it. Once it was all said and done, no plumber, but I did get these nice stacks. πŸ˜€


I sent him these same pictures and he asked if I was good, or wanted more. Of course I said more! I want to have about 4 or 5 of these stacks at all times. I can have it drying all summer and be good to go next winter. I can also have some small fires in my portable fireplace. Fingers crossed my neighbors don’t call the cops. πŸ˜‰

Since the plumber didn’t show, and my wife got home from work an hour and a half later, we went to get groceries. One thing that I didn’t expect to find was the barbecue sauce that we had on the pork shoulder Saturday. But, I did! Check it out:


Good Ol’ Stubb’s! It is a good vinegar based sauce, I would definitely recommend to you if you like that kind of stuff. They had a few other flavors, but this was one of my favorites from the other day.

That takes us to today, I got on the horn to the plumbing and heating company, and they set me up today! They did redeem themselves. They guy that owns it is a good guy. I graduated with his son. He set me up with an appointment at noon today. That is why this post may be a tiny bit late.

I also called our insurance company about coverage. I was wondering about electrical, water, and sewage. He informed me that everything from the meters in, is covered. Everything that is beyond the meters are not covered in our plan. Which tends to be the norm from what I hear. He advised me to not worry about getting electrical if I didn’t have big trees around, because it isn’t likely to get messed up. He said it may be a good idea to get the water and sewage if I have an older home, which I do. My house was built in 1941, so I’m not really sure about the outside piping. I’m not sure if the city or previous owners have done anything with them. I contacted the water company, and was all set to get coverage for water, sewer, and indoor plumbing. This was until I asked about a specific issues I was having. Once I did that she told me, “Since you have old us on a recorded line that you have an existing issue we can’t offer sewage and indoor.” After that I told her to scrap all of it! If I do ever want that coverage I have to get them a proof of repair from another plumber, then buy it. So that was just a giant waste of time lol.

Noon just happened to roll around, like it does daily, and I went home to meet with the plumber. He informed me that I have all four of the types of plumbing lines, and that they were all in good or great condition. There was one fixture that was dripping super slowly by the water main, that I can fix myself. Since the only water to the top two floors is basically the kitchen and upstairs bathroom, he thought the plumbing was all re-done. I asked him about the toilets backing up, and he said that I could set up an appointment to run a snake and camera through the pipes and fix the issues, for a couple hundred bucks, whenever we are ready. I asked him about that water line insurance and he told me that it is a waste and not to bother so I’m a bit torn. I am overall pleased with my house and the things I find out about it. Like anything it can be different but, I think I landed a pretty good one. We want to finish the basement at some point, and have to make sure nothing is going to back up, and that there will be no leaks first.

I’m back at work now and kind of missed my lunch, but that is OK. In the comments below let me know your thoughts on getting water, sewage, and piping insurance. Have you had experience with any of it? Do you like it, or nah!?! I’ll leave you with that. Thanks for stopping by again today! I’ll see you tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Stacking Wood & Plumbing!”

  1. You may want to check with your city utilities on the repair policy. Here, the homeowner is responsible for all pipes, etc underground to the street, after that the city is responsible for the repairs.

    We can buy actual insurance through the utilities instead of the homeowner’s policy. I think the services offered through the utilities are actually a little better and cost less too. For instance we have a company called NIPSCO for natural gas. If you buy their policy, they will not only take care of the gas for the furnace and water heater, but they will also do things like repairs for appliances such as a gas stove. They also do preventive inspections and maintenace services. I don’t know if you even use natural gas, but that was just an example. It might be worth it to check into what the utilities themselves offer.

    As for the water, etc. I would tend to go with whatever the plumber recommended.

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    1. Ya it is kind of similar here too. We are responsible for the in-ground piping to the road, and then it is the city’s deal after that.
      The homeowner’s policy is nice because it is an all in one payment, but you are right the utilities usually cover more. I spoke with the water and electric company and they do offer good plans.
      The plumber told me yesterday not to worry about the water plans because our pipes are in good condition, but we did add ‘backup protection’ to our home policy for well..backups lol

      Have a Happy Easter and a great weekend! Thanks for the comment. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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